Parashot Teachings

These last two parashah are read together, bringing us to the end of the book of Exodus, or you might say, this is an exodus from Exodus. Ouch!! ūüôā As an aside, there are often times when we will read

As usual, there is just so much here. I took an entire course just about the symbolic nature of the spices used for the incense and anointing oils. There’s also how God can use humans to achieve His goals, in

This parashah describes the way the priestly robes are to be manufactured, and the process for the anointment and consecration of the priests (Aaron and his sons), as well as the rules for their share of the sacrifice, and about

Today we read of the instructions for building the Tabernacle, which are very, very detailed. The size of the supports, the types of precious metals and gems, the material the coverings are to be made from, the colors, everything about the

This section of the Torah is where we see the judicial, or penal code, side of the Torah. Torah doesn’t mean “law” but is properly translated more as “teachings”, and is a multi-faceted book. It is a Ketuba (marriage certificate),

The sea is turned away, Pharaoh’s army is destroyed, manna comes from heaven, ¬†rocks give forth water, and millions of quails appear from an empty sky. Even with all this, not to mention the 10 Plagues that have just happened

Here we see the final culmination of the plagues against Egypt. So far the plagues have destroyed much of their cattle and most of their crops, but the locusts are coming to finish off everything that wasn’t already destroyed. Next,

We read on this Shabbat from the Torah about how God begins the wondrous works that eventually gain the freedom of His people from Egyptian bondage. During this parashah we read of the first plagues released upon Egypt, up to the

Who doesn’t know the story of the first chapters of this book? The Hebrews multiplied under the kindness of Pharaoh, but after Joseph died and another Pharaoh took over , the people were enslaved. They suffered 400 years until¬†God sent

This parashah starts with the request by Judah to remain as Joseph’s¬†slave instead of Benjamin. At this final show of humility, sacrifice and love, Joseph¬†cannot contain himself any longer and reveals his true identity to them. When we learn about¬†this

The famous, prophetic dream that Pharaoh had is revealed in this parashah. The cows and the corn, the 7 years of abundance to be followed by the same number of years of terrible famine. Famine was not uncommon in the

It seems that every parasha I read has more than I could ever write or speak about in less than a tome. On Fridays I always go through the readings: first I read, then I glance through, and finally (if I