Jews and Jesus

Is Christianity Wrong?

Before we can determine if Christianity is wrong, we should identify what the words “Christianity” and “wrong” represent. If you prefer to watch a video, click on this link: Watch

Passover Lamb or Yom Kippur Goat- Yeshua is Both

Of course, Yeshua (Jesus) is called the Passover Lamb, but that isn’t really the full description what his sacrifice provided. In fact, his sacrifice not only served to provide the

Are People in Fear of the Lord, or Just Afraid of What Their Religious Leader May Think of Them?

From a biblical viewpoint, “fear of the Lord” doesn’t mean that we are afraid of him, rather that we worship him. But when we do that, are we doing it

Do You Accept God for Who He is?

I know this sounds a little off; I mean, of course I accept God for who he is. What else can I do? He is the Lord of lords and

Don’t Cheapen the Power of the Name of Yeshua

What could I possibly do that would, in any way, ever lessen the importance of, or cheapen, the powerful name of the Messiah, Yeshua?Maybe that happens when we use it

Yom Kippur 2023 Message

Hello to all you bad-breath, caffeine headache, grumbling stomach, short-tempered faithful followers of Torah out there. I am going to borrow a sermon… from myself. The following message is one

Creation of Eve and Yeshua Deny Trinity

When someone wants to justify the Christian-born theological belief that Yeshua and God are one and the same entity, they can only find that justification in the Gospel of John,

Let’s Talk Trinity

As those of you who have been following me for years (which I truly appreciate), you know I have often stated that, as far as I am concerned, whether Yeshua

To Torah, or Not to Torah.

So many people have no idea what the Torah really is. They think it is just a bunch of laws, and to some degree that is accurate, but those laws

Was Paul a Christian or a Jew?

In the book of Acts, Chapter 9, in nearly every Bible that has a heading over the chapter, they call this chapter “Paul’s Conversion to Christianity”. But was he ever,