First off, they don’t really hate Jesus; they hate the way He has been portrayed. Let’s go to the Wayback machine, Sherman. In the first century, there were 2 theologies: you were either Jewish, or you were a Pagan. That’s it- no church, no masque, just Jew or Pagan. Then along
Here it is: we are commanded to forgive. The nice part of forgiveness, as hard as it is for most of us, is that it is the only way to make the pain go away. In a Start Trek episode (the original) Scotty once said, “Fool me once, shame on
Ever wonder, when someone says to you, “Have a good one!” that it would be great if we really could control that. I mean, what if we could have a good one whenever we wanted to? Well, we can. Not that we can control what happens to us, or that