Truthful Liars

In the early part of the 15th Century, if you asked a scientist about the world, he would have told you it was flat.

In the 18th Century if you asked a doctor how to cure diseases he would have told you to bleed the patient.

In the 19th Century, the US Government told the Native American’s they would be relocated and left alone forever.

For many centuries, many Christians have been teaching that Jesus fulfilled the law, thereby doing away with it.

Since the 2nd or 3rd Century Jewish teaching has been that Jesus created a new religion.

All lies. Every single one of them. But they were not told by liars; at least, not people who lied on purpose. They were told by people who believed what they said because this is what they had been taught by their professors and their religious leaders. Who learned it from their professors and religious leaders.

But that doesn’t change the truth that it’s a lie.

Today we all know the Earth is round, ultimately because we can view it from God’s perspective. It’s much easier to see how round the Earth is when you are above it. We also know that diseases are caused by germs because we have microscopes that let us see the teensy tiny little bugs that make us sick. Again, we can see it from God’s perspective.

But we still think that the Old Covenant is for Jews and the New Covenant is for Christians. We still believe, in some circles, that the Jews have been rejected by God because they rejected Yeshua, and we still believe that if you are a Jew and believe Yeshua is the Messiah, then you can’t be a Jew, anymore.

Lies! Untruths! Dreck! In fact, if you collected these various teachings, from both Jews and Christians, you could fertilize a rose garden the size of Texas!

Jesus Christ is NOT a name- it is a bad translation of a worse transliteration.  Here’s the etymology of this made-up name, in a nutshell: Yeshua ha Mashiach means the salvation of the Lord, the Messiah. Jesus was never called “Jesus” when He walked the earth, or for a few centuries after that. His name was, and still is, Yeshua. When the first Gospels were written for distribution, the language of the world was Greek, but there is no Greek word for “God’s Salvation.” It didn’t exist, culturally or religiously, so they made up a word that sounded like Yeshua to identify the person. A word that sounds like another word is a transliteration, and for “Yeshua” it was “Jesu”. Jesu, in and of itself, has no meaning. When the Greek was translated into Latin, Jesu was made into Jesus. Maschiach, the Anointed One, also had no Greek counterpart, so the term Cristos was used. This represented rubbing oil on a shield, which is what the Greek soldiers did to keep their leather shields supple. As with Jesu, when Latinized Cristos became Christ.

We have all been taught that Jesus Christ is the Son of God and the Messiah, but the truth is that “Jesus Christ” is a false name;  Yeshua ha Mashiach is our Saviour. Yeshua is the name above all names, and the only name that saves.

But don’t blame these people for the way they have misled us, for they have also been misled. The most difficult lie to ferret out is the one from someone who believes what they are saying is the truth. That’s why they are truthful liars. And these lies have become the truth to so many people, and for so long a time, that it is almost impossible for anyone now to accept the truth that they are lies.

So, how do you know the truth from a lie? Well, we know about the earth and about disease because, as I say above, today we can see them from God’s perspective. The logical course to take if you want to know the truth about Yeshua, what He taught, and what and who He is is to see Him from God’s perspective. We all have that ability and that opportunity, because God gave it to us.

It’s called the Tanakh, and (yes, my Jewish non-believing brothers and sisters), the New Covenant,too. Together they make up the entire Bible.

The Tanakh is the God-inspired writings of eye-witness accounts by Jewish men and women of their interactions with God. From Moses writing what God told him to write, to the history of the kings of Israel and Judea, to the warnings of the Prophets, the Megillot (writings, scrolls) of the people who had individual encounters with God and whose story demonstrates God’s influence and power, to the end of Jewish occupation of their Homeland, taken away captive by Babylonia and still waiting for their promised Messiah.  The New Covenant is the God-inspired writings of the eye-witness accounts of Jewish men and women who wrote down the history of their encounters with God, and with one man who proved Himself to be the Messiah through His miraculous works and His resurrection. The same thing is true of both these books- they are God-inspired, they are written by Jews, about Jews, and for Jews. They are about God and His Messiah, and the New Covenant takes up where the Old Covenant left off. Additionally, the New Covenant takes us to the End of Days, just as the Old Covenant did. Except the New is more detailed.

But it is all one story, one beginning and one end; one God, one Messiah, Jews and Gentiles being saved by God’s love and forgiveness. All the same.

God gave us the Torah, God inspired the writings of the rest of the Tanakh, and God inspired the writings of the B’rit Chadashah (Gospels), as well. Jewish men and women, even as children, are taught the New Covenant is a lie, Jesus was Jewish but created a new religion and, thereby, isn’t Jewish anymore, and if you are a Jew and even think about believing in Jesus, you can’t be a Jew.

Christians also teach that Jesus was a Jewish man, but after He was resurrected He did away with the law (Torah) and that it is only for Jews, because they rejected Jesus. There are “right-wing” Christians, called Replacement Theologists, who go as far as to say that God has now rejected the Jews and that they, the Christians, are the “new” Jews, the Israel of God that Shaul talks about in Galatians. They also say that for a Jew to believe in Jesus that person can’t be a Jew, anymore.

Lies. Lies from the very pit of Sheol. Lies designed to keep those seeking the true Messiah from finding Him, and those who think they are saved from really being saved because they do not follow God’s laws and commandments so they can’t produce any fruit.

Look at this from God’s perspective- He gave it to us. It’s called the Bible- the ENTIRE Bible, which is Genesis through Revelations. Even if you don’t believe Jesus (Yeshua) is your Messiah, read about Him. What can it hurt? He lived His life as a Jewish man, He died for all of us, Jews and Gentiles, and His resurrection was as a Jewish man. He never said a single word against the Torah; in truth, He taught from Torah! There was no other scripture, so if He taught from Torah, then it is logical that He supports Torah. I mean, let’s get real, people: Yeshua taught from the Torah, He supported Torah, his Father told Moshe to write the Torah down, Yeshua did His Father’s will (He says that many times) so He had to teach Torah was right and valid. He even says, in Matthew 5:17, he didn’t come to change anything in the Torah.  The other writings, mostly by Shaul (Paul) all uphold and support the Torah, as well. How could any of the disciples or followers of Yeshua teach anything but what Yeshua taught? Didn’t Yeshua say that a student is not greater than his teacher? Therefor, what the students (Talmudim) of Yeshua taught had to be Torah!

John says the Torah became flesh, that Yeshua was the living Torah! How could Yeshua teach against Himself?

That’s why if you want to know the truth, from God’s perspective, you need to read the entire Bible, from Genesis to Revelations, and back again. Over and over, and to ask God to lead you with His Ruach (Spirit) to see the truth about Him, His Messiah, and the entire plan of creation.

That’s the only way you can know the real truth.

Don’t accept what anyone tells you, not me, not your Rabbi, not your Pastor or Priest, not no one, not no how. Listen to them, sure- they deserve your respect, but respect for them doesn’t mean you should blindly accept from them.

Truthful liars are everywhere: in your family, in your schools, in your government, in your Shul or Church, and they can be anyone. Anyone at all. The only way you can know the truth is to determine it for yourself. And realize that you may be lying to yourself, even now. These people are lying to themselves, but they don’t realize it.

Yeshua tells us that teachers have an extra responsibility, and that when the blind lead the blind they both fall into a hole. Even worse, He says that those that sin and teach others to sin will be least in the kingdom of heaven. There is a promise in that, since He says they will be least, but still, in heaven. However, if you are taught that Jesus isn’t the Messiah, or that the Torah is just for Jews, or that because you are saved by the blood that is all you need, or that as long as you are a “good” person you go to heaven, then you are not being taught the path to salvation; in truth, you are being led to destruction and eternal damnation.

But, don’t take my word for it. Go ahead- read about it yourself in your Bible. I suppose you have one, somewhere. If not, go to Barnes and Noble and get one. If I may, stay away from the King James version- too anti-Semitic for my tastes. Try to find a Messianic version, like the David Stern “Complete Jewish Bible”, especially if you are Jewish. Get to know who Yeshua is, and forget this “Jesus” guy that is some blond haired, blue-eyed Westernized version of the truth. Get to know the real Messiah, whose name is Yeshua, who was born and died a Jewish man teaching the truth about God’s Word, not creating anything new but simply helping us to understand the true meaning of what God tells us in the Torah.

It was the men that followed behind, not immediately behind, but a few centuries later that screwed it all up. Just like in the book of Judges, those that knew Him not did not follow Him correctly. Except for in the book of Judges, God continually forgave the Jewish people when they did T’Shuvah and called to Him for help, but in the B’rit Chadashah we do not see the salvation come over and over. We see now the final salvation, the one that saves all for all time, and what will happen when God finally drops the other shoe.

They are so alike, the Old and the New Covenants. Both tell of God’s works, both tell of a Messiah, both tell of the forgiveness of God, and both tell that there will be a time when all will be judged and only those that have accepted their Messiah will survive the second death. And they both tell us exactly what to look for to know the Messiah.

For over two Millennia we have constantly screwed this up. The Jews saw God on the mountain and saw His miraculous salvation, from Egypt, from their enemies, and yet they still rebelled and only a remnant followed Him as He said they should. The Jews also saw Yeshua, and many, many thousands of Jews recognized Him because they knew their Torah, they knew the Prophets and they could see the truth. Then “mankind” stepped in, restructuring, retelling , retwisting the truth and now we have how many Christian religions?  Just like what we did with the Old Covenant, we have done with the new one. Really- there is no difference, is there? We screwed them both up the exact same way, by interjecting our own rules and placing God’s mitzvot second to Man’s traditions.

Do you get it yet? You have to make up your own mind, and you can’t do that intelligently by just taking what you have been told as the absolute truth. I mean, really? If what you have been told is true, how can there be so many sides to the same story?

Make a decision, and make it an informed decision. All the information you need is in the entire Bible, so read the whole thing. Half-read is half-informed, and you have too much to risk to go into this half-way.


  1. Steven R. Bruck
    Mark March 5, 2018 at 06:07

    There is a great sign given to us, it is when second Temple was destroyed. It’s written : Heb.9v22 In fact, according to the Torah, almost everything is purified with blood; indeed, without the shedding of blood there is no forgiveness of sins. It stands as a sign to Jews, who cannot fulfill requirements of the Law. So practically it is void for it is written :no man is justified by the works of the Law. Gal.2 v16. It happened to fulfill prophecy given :“‘See! The days are coming,’
    over the house of Isra’el and over the house of Y’hudah
    a new covenant.. and then By using the term, “new,” he has made the first covenant “old”; and something being made old, something in the process of aging, is on its way to vanishing altogether.Heb8v9. The Torah stands , but the requirements of the New Covenant is faith. So it is written. Just as Abraham believed God and it was accounted to him for righteousness. Gal.3v6. Steve, You can follow the Law if you want , as long as you know you are made righteous only by the Atonement of Messiah. Isaiah 53. Thank you.

  2. Steven R. Bruck
    Mark February 22, 2018 at 17:36

    Hi Steve. Let me start with who the Son of man is. It is obvious any translation is inperfect comparing to original. My name is Mark but in Italian is Marco. You can confuse people into having douts . A friend of mine got baptise second time cos someone have told her, her baptism into Jesus is not valid. One can destroy someones faith by cofusing them.I hope it’s not your aim. For me , He is The Lord , Adonai, I AM, Amen, Son of Man , Son of God. We need to have revelation about who The Son of God is. Inteligence is not enough. I will ask you , who is The One who : Having said this, he breathed on them and said to them, “Receive the Ruach HaKodesh! John 20v22. Does it remind you of another time in the Bible. ? Only God can do this. Regarding anti- messiah, as you know Judaism is expecting Messiah very soon. He Must be of Davidian Lineage, so must be Jewish as well. I was reading recently Israeli media, they are getting ready to receive one who is not the Messiah. We know that He has been revealed already. Can you see it in the New Testament, persecution of Christians started in Israel, very early, and Jews all over the Asia Minor and Europe were fomenting persecution of early Church. It will happen again as they will have support of the evil one,one of their own kind who will rule the world, one who will want to destroy the Church, before turning against the Jews. Mark

    • Steven R. Bruck
      Steven R. Bruck February 23, 2018 at 09:22

      Hi Mark.
      Starting near the end of your comment, I agree that “Christians” (I will soon explain why I use quotation marks here) were persecuted in Jerusalem, but not by the Jews- that was a Roman event. The Romans persecuted Jews as a political event, since the Jews were rebelling against Roman rule. The “Christians” were persecuted by the Romans later, as their numbers grew and they began to separate themselves from their Jewish roots. This came about because Rome did not allow any conquered country to have it’s own religion. The Jews were allowed to continue to practice Judaism only because they invited the Romans in to help rid them of the Seleucid rulership. When Yeshua walked with the people (and for only about 60 years or so after His resurrection) those following Yeshua (who were Jews and Gentile converts to Judaism) were persecuted by the Pharisaical authorities, but at that time they were not really “Christians”, as we use the word today. After they separated themselves from Judaism, they then became a separate religion in the eyes of the Romans, and as such they were persecuted by Romans, too. However, once separate from Jews, worshiping in a different manner than Jews and not allowing themselves to be associated with Judaism, the Jews no longer had a “beef” with them and left them alone. Actually, by then the Jews had enough trouble of their own with Rome.
      It may be a technicality that I am using, but when the early followers of Yeshua were persecuted by the Pharisaical authorities, they were not “Christians”, as we identify a Christian in today’s world. What they were, as I said earlier, were Jews and Gentiles who accepted Yeshua as their Messiah. The Gentiles were learning to be Jews, as is evidenced by the comments James made in Acts 15:19-21. They were What we would today call “Messianic”, and they weren’t really separated from Judaism (by their leadership) until the end of the First Century. Thanks to Constantine and the Council of Nicene, by the Third Century Christians were a totally different religion from their Jewish roots, which is as it is, for the most part, today.
      As for Jesus/Yeshua being God the Father, I do not believe He is- He is separate from the Father. For every verse you or someone else quotes to try to show they are one and the same, I can pull just as many to show they aren’t. For me, it doesn’t matter- so long as we accept Yeshua is the Messiah God promised to send, and that God is the only true God, and worship God as He said to in the Torah, we are going to be keeping in His grace. I do NOT want to ever confuse anyone, although I would like to make any Christian who believes (or has been taught) Torah is no longer necessary very, very uncomfortable with that wrongful teaching by showing him or her the truth that Yeshua did not do away with the Torah, but he confirmed it. I want to educate and edify, and also be like a watchman in the tower, pointing out the signs of the times. As you are doing in your warnings about the enemy being here and now.

  3. Steven R. Bruck
    Mark February 21, 2018 at 06:15

    Just read your story. If you want to be very precise about Christ’s name, He spoke Aramaic,and Gospels were written in Aramaic, so His name should be Eashoa Msheekha. Regarding Replacement Theology, my question to you is, who is real Jew ?, Jesus say in Revelation that they say they are Jews, and are not, but are the Synagogue of Satan. Real Jew is the one who is seed of Abraham according to faith, not flesh. If you want to follow the flesh it’s your choice. Can you say that Ashkenazi(Khazari)Jews are real Jews, perhaps Zionist Jews are ? You say that Bible was written by Jews and for Jews.It is not a biblical statement, It is written for all. I have read your story about false messiah , you omit a very important issue, this person will be of Jewish descent, and as such , Jews will follow him and persecute christians. I think in the last days most persecution will come from Jews. Only remnant will see The One they have pierced. My last question for you is who for you personally is Yeshua? Thank you.

    • Steven R. Bruck
      Steven R. Bruck February 21, 2018 at 07:50

      Thank you for reading my message, and especially for taking the time to make comments and ask questions. This is a rather old post, so I had to re-read it to refresh my memory.
      I have read many different things from different people over the years about which language the Gospels were written in, and I cannot be sure of any of what I have read. There are some who agree with you, and others that don’t, and some that say both Hebrew and Aramaic were used at different times for different Gospel books. My purpose in identifying the “real” name of Yeshua was not to be definitive about what it is, but to point out that what we have been told is not exactly and completely the truth. The message of this post is that people have been told lies by people who think they are telling the truth.
      As for what is a Jew? OMG- isn’t that the “Eternal” question? I have written at least once about this (please search for “what is a jew” on my website) and overall I agree with your assessment.
      When I said the bible is from Jews, about Jews and for Jews, I was writing specifically regarding those times. You are, of course, correct that the Word of God is for everyone, and if you are interested in reading more of my messages (I have been blogging for almost 5 years) I think you will see that I am adamant that Torah, Tanakh and New Covenant are one book, one word for all people. Again, what I wrote in this post, in context of the message, was that the writings of the Prophets and the writings of the Apostles were eye-witness reports of God’s work in the world, written by Jews for the Jews (that were living at that time.) These writings were not for Pagans, but now that salvation has been made available to the Gentiles, these writings have been expanded to all people.
      For me, Yeshua is the Messiah who stripped off His divinity to put on a mantle of flesh that He might live His life as a mortal man, 100% human and by being so submit to death. We are not saved by His death- we are saved by His resurrection! That is the proof that His sacrifice was accepted, and through that sacrifice we all can be saved from the death we deserve. He was and is a follower of the Torah, which is what He taught. He did not create Christianity and never, ever preached even a syllable against the Torah. After all, as I pointed out in this message, He IS the Torah- in the flesh. How could He ever speak against Himself?
      The synagogue of Satan is not a Jewish place of worship, as I have explained in many postings. You are familiar with the languages used, so you should know that synagogue, at that time, did not mean a Jewish place of worship but simply a congregation, or gathering. Those who think they are the chosen people of God (i.e., Jews) and are not Jews are Replacement Theologists. It is, in truth, the very definition of what they believe.
      One question I have for you is: where in the bible does it say Jews will be persecuting Christians and that the AntiChrist will be of Jewish descent?
      Again, thank you for your interest and I look forward to hearing your answer.

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