The parashot for this Shabbat is Masei, and it reviews the wanderings of the people in the desert from the time they left Egypt to that moment. It is in B’midbar (Numbers) starting at Chapter 33. Did the people really wander? According to Bing (not Crosby), wandering is: “travel without
It’s Monday. Again. Sometimes it seems like Monday all week. That’s what it’s like to worship God. Not that worshipping God is bad, not at all! But Yeshua said that anyone who wants to follow Him has to leave behind everything, pick up his execution stake and get ready for
Donna and I are members of the Brevard County Archers Club. We use recurved bows and shoot once a week or so. I am an expert with rifle and pistol and just learning with bow, but the methods are pretty much the same. When your aiming point is not exactly
How many times have you heard people pray? and pray…and pray…and pray…and pray!  “Father God” this, and “Father God” that, and “Father God”, and (more) “Father God”. I think He knows who you are talking to. I also think that prayer doesn’t have to be long and drawn out to
This is what I asked myself when I first began to accept the truth about who Yeshua is, and what I needed to do for myself. It’s tough because we have all (Jews, I mean) been told for nearly two Millennia that Jesus isn’t for Jews.  I think the first thing
No.  That should be enough, but I guess I need to give a more detailed reason why the answer is no. God gave us His commandments, rules, regulations and all sorts of laws. Generally, these are known as mitzvot. Yeshua taught from the Tanakh, or Old Covenant (I don’t say
First off, they don’t really hate Jesus; they hate the way He has been portrayed. Let’s go to the Wayback machine, Sherman. In the first century, there were 2 theologies: you were either Jewish, or you were a Pagan. That’s it- no church, no masque, just Jew or Pagan. Then along
Here it is: we are commanded to forgive. The nice part of forgiveness, as hard as it is for most of us, is that it is the only way to make the pain go away. In a Start Trek episode (the original) Scotty once said, “Fool me once, shame on
Ever wonder, when someone says to you, “Have a good one!” that it would be great if we really could control that. I mean, what if we could have a good one whenever we wanted to? Well, we can. Not that we can control what happens to us, or that