When Did We Stop Respecting the Authorities?

Have you noticed the shift in attitude over the past decades with regard to those in authority?  Protests against police, vehement anti-President, as well as anti-(past) President activities, nasty and accusatory postings all over social media, and (let’s not forget) the proliferation of Fake News.

The Media, the President, those in a position of legal authority over us…for many years now society has shown less and less respect for them.

And, I am sorry to say, all of this is (probably) for a good reason: Watergate, Iran-Contra Affair, Bill Clinton and Monica Lewinski, Hillary Clinton and classified material misuse, police shootings that are questionable over much of the country (not just in the south anymore), President Obama and …well, a whole lot of things with him, President Trump ‘s firing of James Comey, and (how can we forget?) his Tweets. Given all that, how can anyone really trust anybody who is in a position of authority?

Our leaders have let us down. They have shown us they cannot be trusted, and when our leaders shows themselves unworthy of the position of trust we gave them, then what do we do?

My answer is: read Romans 13:1-2:

Everyone is to obey the governing authorities. For there is no authority that is not from God, and the existing authorities have been placed where they are by God. Therefore, whoever resists the authorities is resisting what God has instituted; and those who resist will bring judgment on themselves.


So, nu? What am I leading up to here? What I am saying is this: we need to stop beating a dead horse. Forget about things that are over and done with and concentrate on the here and now, with our sights set on the future. Maybe Mrs. Clinton did wrong on purpose and tried to cover it up (like a politician trying to cover up a mistake should surprise us?); maybe President Obama (he is still to be referred to that way, as a sign of respect; if not for the person, than for the position that person was elected to) did lie about his religious affiliation, or his birthplace or whatever; so what if President Trump speaks his mind without ever considering how his words will affect others? The truth is, like it or not, it’s all happening because God is running the show. When we consider what prophecy tells us is going to happen, doesn’t it all start to make sense?

The upheaval against authority, the growing lack of any real moral compass in our government and businesses, the attacks against Israel by the world (specifically the UN)…all of this has to happen before the return of Messiah. God is in charge, God is directing these events in order to fulfill His plan. And as Shaul pointed out nearly 2,000 years ago, if you are trying to stop what God has put in place, then not only are you resisting God, but (as Yeshua told Shaul) you are just “kicking against the goads.”

Later in Romans Shaul goes on to tell us that so long as we do what is right, then even the worst tyrant will not bother us. If we owe taxes, pay them; if we owe someone money, pay them; if we owe respect, give respect. What we are to do is to do what we know is right in God’s eyes, without coming against those in authority whom God has placed there.

In other words, trust God to sort it all out. Let the non-Believers gripe and groan and make a stink, and when they throw manure at our leaders, make sure you are out of the line of fire. Don’t let the revolts and reprisals of the world affect (or maybe I should say, infect) you.  Things are going to get worse, and we need to stay focused on prophecy (so we know what will come next) and maintain trusting expectation of Messiah’s return.

The world is driving with the pedal to the metal while looking in the rear-view mirror; you don’t need to be a prophet to know how that will end up. You and I need to keep our eyes on the prize: we need to understand what is really happening by not using our physical eyes, but seeing events in the world through the eyes of the Ruach haKodesh, the Holy Spirit, because that way we will see the real powers behind the events. Yeshua told us things of the world cannot know things of the Spirit (1 Corinthians 2:14), so since we have the Spirit indwelling we should concentrate on spiritual things.

I am not preaching apathy, but I am preaching acceptance. If things get so bad there will be revolution, then keep apart from it as best you can. We should see the problem, but not become a part of it.

What we need to do is show the world the peace that comes from the Holy Spirit, the confidence that is ours (because we know where we will be), and the patience to trust, and wait, on the Lord.

No One is Replaceable

We have heard the old adage, “No one is irreplaceable” many times in work, in sports, at church or synagogue, but it is not correct because the focus of this saying is on the person, not the position.

You see, the position a person holds in the world can always be taken over by someone else. Maybe not as well, maybe better, but one way or another, if I hold a position of authority or importance, someone else out there can do that job, too.

But me, you, whomever is the person holding that position, well…that person is irreplaceable. We are all individuals, each one of us blessed with different gifts so that the entire human race has all it needs to survive.

Unfortunately, we aren’t doing the best job we can with the gifts we have.

We need to learn to appreciate people for their uniqueness, whether that is a good thing about them or a bad thing. Even the most evil of all God’s creations, people like Hitler, Charles Manson, Jim Jones, Xerxes, Caligula, Nero, Herod (and the list goes on) all were in positions that other people took over for them, although they, themselves, were irreplaceable (thank goodness for that! One of each of them was more than enough.)

All the political upheaval with Clinton, Obama, Trump, e-mails, Russian hacking, etc. is all a lot of fluff that means nothing. It has gone on before, and will continue to be a part of our culture. Yes, it is in our very culture- I believe any student of History will confirm that political unrest and underhanded activities are part and parcel of the American culture. These sneaky, illegal and nasty things that politicians (and many business executives) do are still a gift, although a misused gift, that these people have for getting things they want done, done.

Now, for those of us who follow God’s word, we need to demonstrate the gifts God gives us in ways that please the LORD, not in ways that please the world. The evil use of God’s gifts is a satanic activity, not because Satan is totally behind it, but that whatever isn’t for God is against Him, so anything we do that doesn’t honor and glorify God, honors and glorifies the enemy of God (scary thought when you really think on it), so we need to be aware of everything we do and also how we react to what others do. We need to show distaste for evil, and compassion for those subjected to evil, but not to get overly maudlin about it. After all, as bad as things are, we are to be in the world but not of it, and if we let the world get to us, then we are reacting in a worldly way.

The point is this: don’t get all caught-up in politics and the bad things that are happening in the world. The reason I say this is because getting all riled up because of what happens in the world is like working in a fish market- the more exposure to the fish, the more you will smell like one. We need to keep a distance, emotionally, from the evil in the world so that we can shine forth and demonstrate that with God, we are above and out of reach of the enemy’s activities. Even if we are tortured and put to death, it is only our bodies that are being affected, not our souls. That is what Yeshua told us to be prepared for, and I believe (hopefully you agree) that if we allow ourselves to have our kishka’s  (intestines, or guts) churned up over the things happening in the world, we will become too involved with it to remain out of it. In other words, the more we allow ourselves to be lured into the problems of the world, the more we are like everyone else and less like God.

That’s not where we want to be.

I don’t read the news, except once in a while, and I don’t get myself involved in political discussions (all right, maybe once in a while, but rarely) because I know that things will get worse before they get resolved. Yeshua is the resolution to the world, the end of the problems, and the beginning of an eternity of peace, so I will stay as far away from the drek of the world as I can, and remain focused on what is really important- glorifying God and honoring Yeshua with the way I talk, I work, I live and how I treat others.

How about you?