We Have More Political Power Than the Israelites Did

Did you ever think how unfair it seems that the entire nation of Israel was punished for the sins of its leadership?

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In the Northern Kingdom of Shomron, the evil kings were certainly bringing the nation into a sinful lifestyle, but we know there were at least 7,000 who didn’t follow that religious debauchery (1 Kings 19:18), and when the punishment came, although God ensured that they would survive it, they still had to go through it.

Those kings of Israel (the Northern Kingdom after the split under Rehoboam) took it upon themselves to choose their king. Well, not really choose one, but the kings that they had were the ones who took power. The exceptions were Jeroboam (1 Kings 11:29) and Jehu (1 Kings 9), both of whom were chosen by God to be king. The other kings were either a son of the existing king or usurpers.

In Judea, however, those kings were always the son of the previous king, although once or twice a queen took charge, but that never lasted too long. The son of the original king eventually was anointed and placed in his proper position.

So, when God ran the show, the leadership of the people was not their choice, but his. And even so, there were poor leaders who brought the nation into sin.

And because of that, the nation and everyone in it suffered, both the unrighteous and the righteous.

So, nu? What’s my point?

My point is that we have the power to choose our own leaders, but what kind of choices have we made? The leaders we have chosen over the past 4 or 5 decades have resulted in God being kicked out of the schools, the courts, and child sacrifice is not just condoned, but funded by the government (http://www.messianicmoment.com/abortion-is-more-than-just-murder/). The rejection of God and his ways have brought this nation into sin and I believe we are past the time when repentance will do any good.

Despite the merciful and forgiving nature of God, he is still just and holy, and even though he is always willing to forgive, at some point he is no longer able to forgive. What I am saying is this: God will abide by his rules, always, so when we are unrepentantly sinful, and stay that way long enough, even though God is willing to forgive us he MUST punish us for those sins we have committed. He cannot just allow evil to go unpunished, and he tells us that throughout the Tanakh.

Remember that forgiveness of sin is a spiritual event, not a physical one, which means that even though we can be forgiven of our sins, there are always consequences of sin in the real world. We may be able to spend eternity in God’s presence because we have Yeshua, but while we are alive, in this plane of existence, there will always be unpleasant consequences we will suffer, as well as others, as the result of our sins.

America may one day be back in God’s good graces, but right now that ain’t the case. I feel like Jeremiah, telling the people that there is no way to escape punishment, and all the vaccines and face masks in the world won’t stop the pandemic because this is part of God’s punishment. Look at what has happened: our economy has tanked, our morale has tanked, children are not receiving the educational benefits that this country has provided, people paying taxes for schools that sit empty, the cost of living increases, people don’t have jobs and businesses are suffering because they can’t find people, or can’t allow enough people in their stores to break even.

There has been rioting in the streets, racial tensions are at an all-time high, and the current administration, who we chose, is supporting and helping the enemies of America.

We have the power to change our leadership, to repent of the ones we have elected to lead us, but do we? I see so many postings about impeach, and set term limits, etc., all of which seem valid and necessary, but that is all I see- words!

We are past words, and it seems that wanting doesn’t get anything, and the ones who want change aren’t making it happen. Am I suggesting that we rise up in rebellion? Yes, but legally. We need to have leaders rise up from the populace and organize petitions that will force our representatives in the Congress and Senate to enact these measures.

I am not the one to do it- but there are people qualified and able to do it, and we need them. So pray that God will raise them up: encourage, protect, and fortify them to do what needs to be done.

Or, better yet, pray for the return of Messiah Yeshua ASAP / STAT/ PDQ … NOW! We need God-provided leadership to bring this nation back into alliance with God, instead of alliance with the enemies of God.

We are in bad shape here in America, and we deserve to be punished; our nation has rejected God and done things that are horrible in his eyes. And trust me, punishment is not just coming, but here. This pandemic is the start. Think of the ways God has said he will punish those who reject him, then look at what our nation has become, socially, financially, and healthwise. We currently have a breakdown within the nuclear family (ask your kids if they agree, that is, if you can get them to put their phones down), we are suffering financial difficulties, we are in the midst of a pandemic that has lasted more than 18 months! How can this be? With all our modern technology, how can a virus devastate a country for so long?

Maybe it’s because the leadership of this country isn’t handling it correctly? Or, worse yet, maybe they are handling it just the way they planned to?

Enough rambling, there is not much we can do without proper leadership, and I am just as guilty as everyone else I mentioned who spouts off about how bad it is but doesn’t do anything about it. I really don’t think we can fix this until it runs its course, and God has finished doling out the punishment we deserve. That may sound fatalistic, but there is a thin line between fatalism and accepting what we deserve.

Thank you for being here and please, if you think this message has merit, share it with others. I always welcome your comments.

I’ll get off the soapbox now: l’hitraot and Baruch Hashem!

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