The Meaning of Life

Ah, yes…the quintessential question, the ultimate knowledge, what philosophers throughout time have sought to know.

And I am going to give it to you now…ready?

The meaning of life is….to prepare for death. That’s it. Nada mas. Nichts mehr. Yener iz gants!

God originally made us to worship Him and, more than just that, to be with Him. We have children for many reasons, but mostly they are a natural result of being in love. Be in love; make love; have kids. You don’t need to be a genius to figure that one out.

God had children, but since He is above humanity and is a Spirit, He didn’t need anyone else to help. Adam and Eve were His children, as we all are, and just as we want the best for our children, we want them protected from harm and to be with us forever, God was able to have that.

Until Adam and Eve screwed it up.

After the Fall we all lost our immortality, and the mortality rate got shorter and shorter. A few generations after the Flood it was down from hundreds of years to about 100. Today we are at about the same as it was in Moshe’s time; we get to live up to somewhere in the eighties. A nice number, if you’re talking about the weather, but not where we started.

Since eternity is no longer available to us during our “first” lifetime, we have to use the first lifetime to prepare for where we spend the second lifetime. That’s why I say the meaning of life is to decide where we will spend our second life, for all eternity.

Yeshua is the Messiah, and through Him we can repair the rift between us and God that the Fall began, and the rest of history has widened. There are many religions, none from God (remember that God has no religion- only His laws and regulations) so we need to spend our lifetime now figuring out what we will believe, who is the Messiah, and will we do as God wants or as the world wants.

In other words, whose slave will you be: slave to sin or slave to God? That’s the choice you have your entire lifetime, however long or short it may be, to determine.

Once we are in front of His throne, there is no going back. And there is no appeal process, either.

The real question isn’t, “What is the meaning of life?”; it’s, “How long will I live?” That will let you know when you need to make that important decision. Since none of us know when we will die, don’t you think you should make that decision as soon as possible?

There you have it, Brothers and Sisters: the meaning of life. Now that you know the answer, if you are reading this and you haven’t made your choice between the world and God, unless you know exactly when you are going to die, better get with the program and choose.

Who knows how much time you have left to decide?

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