Sometimes We Could Use Some Spiritual Remodeling

My house was built in 1989, and Donna and I have been here for almost 10 years. The master bathroom has a walk-in shower, and we recently noted that the back wall is a little bit wobbly.

Oy! That’s not good.

If you prefer to watch a video, click on this link: Watch the video.

Consequently, we are getting an entirely new shower. The Demo Team was in here yesterday, and when they took off the tiles and wall we found not just a little water damage, but a lot of water damage, as well as some mold (not the bad kind).

So, nu? What does this have to do with God, the Messiah, or anything spiritual?

I’m glad you asked.

I have had some experience with home remodeling, from both the sales and construction end, and have found that when people remodel their homes they often find things they never knew were there because they were hidden behind something we believed was correct.

On a spiritual level, when we test our beliefs against the Bible, often people find that what they thought was a belief system built upon a strong biblical foundation isn’t always as well-founded as they thought.

I have many congregants in this ministry who were brought up with traditional Christian teachings who, at some point in their life, decided to test those beliefs because they were exposed to a different way of looking at them.

After verifying what they had been told their whole life against the Bible, they tore down the wall, exposed the foundation, and found that they needed some serious remodeling done.

I often say that it is necessary to read the Bible, especially the Epistles in the New Covenant, with a open mind; what I mean by that is to read those passages as if you never read or heard them before.

When you read the Bible without already knowing what it is about, you will be surprised how much mold and water damage you may find hidden behind your current understanding.

You see, when we are brought up being taught this letter means this, and that verse means that, we become conditioned, and eventually we think what we have been taught is the truth. We believe it, not because we came to that conclusion on our own, but because we have been TOLD to believe it by people we trust!

What I am talking about is religion.

God has no religion; God has rules for how to worship him and treat each other. Men created religion so that they can have power over other men.

So, I challenge you all to remodel your belief system: test it out against the Bible by reading the Bible. Find your favorite verses in the Bible and read everything that comes before them, and after them, to see if what you have been told they mean works when taken (correctly) in context with the entire thought, and the entire chapter, and the entire book.

If you are interested, I have written an entire teaching series on how to properly interpret the Bible, so click here and you can go through it.

There are a couple of books about Jewish people coming to accept Yeshua (Jesus) as the Messiah, which goes against everything that Jews (such as I) are brought up believing. In these books, the one who didn’t want to believe was challenged to use the Bible to prove that Yeshua was NOT the Messiah.

Guess what happened?

That’s right! When using the Bible to show Yeshua was not the Messiah, that person actually got to know what the Bible said and came to the conclusion that Yeshua is the Messiah.

So, here’s what I want you to do: IF you have been taught that the Mosaic law is just for Jews, or that Jesus did away with the law, or that as a Christian all you have to do is be a good person (I’ll give you a hint for this- check out Mark 10:18) and love each other and you get to go to heaven, or that you get to go to heaven, at all, or anything that indicates the Torah is not valid for you as a Christian…then I challenge you to prove any of that to be true by finding where that is said in the Bible.

But, you have to use the entire Bible- from Genesis through Revelation- or you are cheating.

This ministry is never, ever going to tell you what you have to believe, but only what I believe and why; it is your responsibility to choose what you will believe.

My responsibility is to make sure that you have what you need to make an informed decision about where you will spend eternity, because that is the bottom line, my friend.

Let me end with why this is so very, very important a challenge for you to take: if what you know is God’s truth, then it will stand up to any test, but if not, you had better make sure that what you think you know is what God says it is.

I can’t speak for the Big Guy in the Sky, but I believe that when you come before God, which we all will have to do, and tell him that you did what you did because that is what they told you to do, he might say something like this:

I understand, my child, you did what they told you to do, but it’s what I say that counts.

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That’s it for today, so l’hitraot and Baruch HaShem!

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