I’m Drawing a Blank Here

Ever find yourself just sitting, staring at nothing? That’s where I am right now…listening for an idea and all I hear are crickets chirping in my head.

Maybe I shouldn’t write anything; after all, just because I don’t have a word from God doesn’t mean I have to force something, right? I mean, I know He’s there, I know He has blessed this blog and that so long as what I write is justified and qualified by what is in the Bible, I will continue to reach people who need to know that God is God, His word is true, His Torah is still valid and applicable to everyone, and Yeshua (Jesus) is still the Messiah promised in the Old Covenant writings.

So what do I write about? Maybe I just found my topic- God is always there, even when we don’t hear from Him.

I remember that poem (I think just about everyone knows it) about the guy walking on the beach with God, and there are two sets of footprints, but as the man goes through tsouris and tribulations there is only one set of footprints. Later, there are two sets again, so the man asks God where He was when the man needed Him and was walking alone. God answers that the one set of footprints belonged not to the man, but to God- and God was carrying the man during those troubled times.

We need to maintain faith, which isn’t too hard when you are in the midst of the blessings. In fact, you get absolutely no “bragging rights” for being faithful in the midst of blessings. It’s when those blessings are absent, when we are walking in the desert and we see no oasis, no rocks gushing water, no birds flying to us and landing on the ground that we need to maintain our faith. It’s when we are surrounded by snakes and scorpions that we need to be faithful, and remember that just because we don’t see God in our life it doesn’t mean He isn’t there.  He is always there, waiting in the wings. Maybe He is waiting for us to return from wandering off on our own, trying to do something in our own strength instead of His; maybe He is testing our resolve, our faith, or maybe He is just letting us walk a little on our own.

Maybe we will never know (that’s probably the most accurate answer) because what God does we can’t always understand. I read once that a God who can be understood by the mind of Man is not worthy of the worship of Man. I couldn’t agree more, and those people who dare to say they know what God is all about are the ones you need to leave alone.

Yes, there are times when we realize that God is doing something in our life, and we should appreciate and always be on the lookout for those times, but to understand God? To know His mind? I don’t think so.

This is why I really get a kick out of God! Here, I start out thinking I have nothing to write about, so I start to walk (or write, as the case may be) in faith, humbly admitting my lack of ability this morning, and God just steps in and gives me something to say that glorifies Him.

God is always there, just like the sun: it’s always there but we can’t always see it. Sometimes there are clouds blocking it (humanity and the world), sometimes it’s because at night the sun is out of our sight and sometimes we just stubbornly have our eyes closed.

But the sun is always there, just as the Son is always there, just as the Father is always there. Just because you don’t see Him doesn’t mean He is gone.

There will be times when we won’t see God in our lives, and when you feel that way remember what Yeshua told us: if we seek , we will find, so seek the Lord by doing those things He tells us we should do and you will find Him.

He’s always there.

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