Does the Bible Say to Pray to the Sacrifice?

I know this sounds like a really silly question- everyone knows that you only pray to God, right?

Praying to anyone or anything other than God is idolatry, right?

Then tell me why so many people pray to their sin sacrifice instead of to God?

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OK, so you already are thinking this is going to be a message about trinity verse unity, but it isn’t.

It is a message about the roles each one of us plays in God’s plan of salvation.

God is the creator and ultimate savior because, even though Yeshua did say he was given authority on the earth to forgive sins, that was ONLY while he was on the earth. As the resurrected Messiah, his role in God’s plan of salvation is to be the substitution for the animal sacrifice, whose innocent blood was shed so that we can be forgiven of our sins.

The role of the Messiah is to be a sacrifice for humanity, and thereafter as the Intercessor for those who accept his role for themselves.

That’s why I asked if you should pray to the sacrifice, which, of course, you shouldn’t do.

The role of God is no different than it has been since he created us- God is our savior who forgives our sins, only now it is through the sacrifice of Yeshua and not an animal killed in front of the altar at the temple.

Our role is to accept that Yeshua is the Messiah God promised to send, and by doing so we can then ask God for forgiveness and the indwelling of the Ruach HaKodesh, the Holy Spirit, which (before the Messiah) was only lent to people- the Spirit came upon them, but was always lifted off later. Through the Messiah, we can have the Spirit indwell for the rest of our natural lives.

Unless, of course, we screw it up. This is always something we have to be careful of: no one can take away God’s gift of salvation, but we can reject it.

So, nu! Let’s review the roles to be played: God saves us by forgiving our sins; Messiah Yeshua sacrificed himself so we have the means to attain God’s forgiveness; and the role we have play is to accept that Yeshua is the Messiah, repent of our sins, and ask God, by means of the shed blood of the Messiah Yeshua, for forgiveness and to receive the gift of the Ruach.

That’s how it works, so whether or not you believe Yeshua is God doesn’t matter- if you pray to Yeshua you are praying to the wrong person under God’s plan of salvation.

We are NOT to pray to the sacrifice, we are to pray to the one being sacrificed to!

So, let me be frank (even though I am really Steve): with regard to salvation, it doesn’t matter if Yeshua is God or not because the way God set up the plan of salvation (since the destruction of the temple in Jerusalem) is that we must accept Yeshua as the sacrifice we would have brought to the temple, and thereby pray to God for forgiveness by means of the shed blood of the Messiah.

So, I suggest you pray in the way God set things up.

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