1. Steven R. Bruck
    Marco Everett January 27, 2018 at 10:30

    Dearest Steve!
    Too many years seperate us yet I will confide thoughts of God introducing you into my life in our teens have always allowed my memories to shift back to a “simpler” time. Ahhhh if we only knew then what we know now!
    I was blessed and surprised so pleasantly to see the flourishing of your ministry! I have already re posted and sent your site to some young men and women who are moving for God!
    I’m sure your experience insight and resources of Torah and the Word will edify as it already is doing to me!
    You are in my prayers, friend of my youth!!

    • Steven R. Bruck
      Steven R. Bruck January 27, 2018 at 10:38

      Marco, old buddy, old pal….
      My memories of our friendship are also pleasant.
      Thank you for helping to spread this ministry, and for your confirmation that it is edifying to you. As for what I do that is meaningful and helpful, all I can say to that is this:
      When I do something wonderful, God gets all the glory; when I totally screw something up, then I can take full credit.

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