We’re Told Sincere Lies

How can anyone lie and be sincere about it? After all, the definition of sincere is to be “honest, not deceitful” (Webster), and lying is, by definition, dishonest because you are hiding the truth.

So you can’t be sincere if you are dishonestly trying to fool someone… can you?

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I believe the answer is “Yes”, you can be sincere when lying to someone; that is, when the lie you are telling is something you believe to be true.

For instance, a traditional Christian teaching, which has been taught by Seminary to the students for centuries, students who will be priests and pastors and teaching these lessons to their congregations, is that Jesus did away with the law and that the Old Covenant is just a Jewish Bible which Christians don’t need to know.

They teach that when you accept Jesus as your savior (they don’t even use the term “Messiah” because it is too “Jewish”) you don’t have to obey the kosher laws, not to observe the Saturday Shabbat, and not to celebrate any of the Holy Days God commanded to be celebrated because all that stuff is just for Jews.

And in the Yeshiva (Rabbinical school) they teach that Jesus created Christianity and that he was only a man who was considered a Rabbi; sometimes they teach he never really existed!

I am here to tell you that these are all lies- Jesus did NOT ever do away with or even suggest doing away with any of the laws his father commanded us to follow (Matthew 5:17). In fact, he followed them and said that if we loved him, we would obey him- the only way to obey him is to do as he did, which was to obey his father’s commandments. And God never said anything in the New Covenant- God tells us what he wants us to do in the Torah.

Most of the things that Christians believe are valid forms of worship are not from God or from Yeshua (let’s use his real name) but misinterpretations of instructions from Shaul (Paul) to his newly believing congregations of Gentiles. What he wrote in his Epistles aren’t commands from God but instructions from a man.

The purpose of Shaul’s letters was to help get these neophyte Believers back on the proper track as their faith and behavior was waning due to problems they were encountering with Believing Jews, their pagan communities, and their interpersonal relationships.

The people lying to us don’t know they are lying, which is why their lies are sincere- they think they are helping us when in reality they are directing us to damnation.

So, how do we tell the lies from the truth? It’s actually very easy- read the Torah. That is the only place in the entire Bible (Genesis through Revelation) where God tells us, directly, what he wants us to do so we can earn blessings.

You can never earn salvation- that is why God sent Yeshua to be our Messiah. But, you can earn blessings (read Deuteronomy 28).

The only way to recognize a lie is to first know the truth, and the truth is that God tells us in the Torah how we should worship him, how we should treat each other, what we should eat, the way we should conduct business, our system of penal laws, and which Holy Days he wants us to celebrate.

When you know what God says you should do, then when someone tells you differently you will know it is a lie, even when they are sincere.

People who you trust and who love you don’t mean to misdirect you; but, in the end, many times what they tell you is proper obedience to God is a sincere lie. When anyone tells you to ignore any of God’s commandments, even when they really think they are helping you to find salvation, unfortunately they are not helping you, at all: what they are doing is condemning you to Sheol.

For my Jewish brothers and sisters, the lies you have always heard about Jesus are not only untrue, but Jesus isn’t the Messiah that God sent- he is the creation of Constantinian Christianity. Yeshua is the Messiah, and he never told anyone to do anything other than obey Adonai, as he did (perfectly) throughout his lifetime.

I am not saying to reject everything anyone has ever told you to do, because there are many correct things being taught in every religion. What I am saying is that there are many lies, sincerely and ignorantly presented, but lies all the same, and they come from people who think they are helping you. It isn’t their desire or aim to lie to you- they are just repeating the lies they were taught.

The only way to protect yourself from sincere lies is to know what God says, and that can only be found in the Torah.

Look- you have a choice to just go on doing whatever your religious leaders, family and friends have told to do, or you can protect your salvation by knowing what God said you should do. That’s really the only way you will be able to tell the difference between the truth and the sincere lies.

PLEASE!!! Don’t be lazy about this because what you do, or don’t do, determines where you spend eternity.

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That’s it for today so l’hitraot and Baruch HaShem!

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