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The search for knowledge can sometimes become an obsession that takes us away from trusting the Holy Spirit to give us wisdom. We want to know God better, and that’s fine, but what does God want us to know about Him?    
Tomorrow night is Halloween, and all good Believers know this is a pagan and demonic celebration.  But what about the little children, too young to know anything more than this is a time to dress up and get free candy? How do we witness to them? And can we even
Abraham leaves Ur; Pharaoh takes Sarah as wife; Lot goes to Sodom; the birth of Ishmael; the covenant between Abraham and God regarding Issac; God promises to give the land to Abraham’s descendants. Hear more about this Parashah, as well as what message we learn from it here:  
This message is my first video blog, and you can find it on You Tube under this title, or just click on this link: