Are Man-Made Holidays Bad?

As we come closer to Christmas, we will begin to see the numerous postings about this holiday, about how it is pagan, and about how no “real” Christian should celebrate it.

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We will also see postings to justify Christmas, saying just because it is celebrated on the same day as an old pagan holiday, that doesn’t make it a pagan celebration.

We will see the same spurt of nonsense come April regarding Easter.

I say it is all nonsense because I know that anything being done in Yeshua’s name or which honors Yeshua and/or God is OK by him.

How do I know that? Simple: Yeshua said so.

Both the Gospels of Mark and Luke relate how the Talmudim (students) of Yeshua told him of a man that was driving out demons in Yeshua’s name, and they told him to stop doing that because he wasn’t one of them. Yeshua told them they were wrong to do that.

This is what he told them:

Mark 9:40For whoever is not against us is for us.

Luke 9:50Yeshua said to him, “Don’t stop such people, because whoever isn’t against you is for you.

Yeshua understood that whatever was done for good in his name or that brought glory to God was something that confirmed he is the Messiah, and as such, could never be used against him, meaning to deny God’s power and authority.

In plain English, whatever we do that gives honor and glory to God (or his Messiah, Yeshua) is a good thing.

So what’s this have to do with Christmas and Easter?

I’m glad you asked

These Christian holidays, which (for the record) being Jewish I never really cared about, anyway, are man-made, they are not biblical, and they are, essentially, a rebranding of an old, pagan holiday. But they do not celebrate the pagan gods; they celebrate, respectively, the birth and resurrection of the Messiah of God, and as such they bring glory to God.

And, because Yeshua said that whatever is done for him is not against him, i.e. it is a good thing to do, then these holidays must be acceptable to Yeshua.

And what is acceptable to Yeshua is acceptable to God.

Despite the modern-day commercialization of, or the original reason for those days to be celebrated, Christmas and Easter are good things, and celebrating them to honor and glorify Yeshua and God is also a good thing.

And, for that matter, any man-made holiday created to glorify God or the Messiah is a good thing.

Now, if you still feel that because these are man-made holidays or because they were originally celebrations to glorify pagan gods, therefore they shouldn’t be celebrated, then go ahead and reject them. That’s fine- they aren’t required celebrations according to God’s instructions in Leviticus 23, and choosing not to celebrate them is not a sin or condemnable.

But telling others that they shouldn’t celebrate is no different than what the disciples did when they tried to stop the man expelling demons in Yeshua’s name, which Yeshua said was a wrong thing to do.

Whoever is not against is for, so anything we do in order to honor and glorify God or Messiah is a good thing.

And that comes straight from Yeshua, himself!

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