Are You Out There?

Sometimes, despite how hard we try and how much we want to trust, we all need a little support now and then; just a bit of confirmation to lift us up and keep us going. 

I have worked hard to get my newest book marketed, and so far haven’t seen any real response from all the Facebook friends and family that I emailed about it.  I also have been blogging for years and just don’t seem to have the following I would have expected to see.

So I am asking for help. 

If you are reading this please take a moment to comment and let me know what I need to do to make this ministry more appealing. 

Are the video’s boring? Are they too long? Are they too short? Do they need more animations and less of my face on the screen? 

Are the written messages boring? How can I improve on them?

And if you think I am doing OK, then subscribe if you haven’t done so. All that happens is that you get a notification of my posting, which is usually just 3 times a week. But subscribing to my website and also to my YouTube channel will be of tremendous help in getting me “out there” because search engines look for that sort of information. And the more subscribers I have on my YouTube channel the more advertising and exposure I will have. I might even get a few bucks from them, now and then, so I can order my books and do a book signing. 

And if you think I am doing well, after subscribing please let me know- that would be very encouraging to me right now. It only takes a moment to post an “Atta Boy”, and I really could use some feedback.

So please just let me know how I’m doing. I really appreciate it.