Salvation: It’s In the Can!

Are you familiar with the expression, “It’s in the can!”? It’s a Hollywood term which refers to a movie that has had all the scenes shot, been edited and is in a canister ready for shipment to theaters to be released. It is completed but as yet unseen.

Salvation was accomplished long before humans even existed- after all, God is eternal, His plan of salvation was formed before Adam was, He showed Abraham the story board, He gave the script to Moses, Yeshua came to earth to act out the part of Messiah, and with Yeshua’s resurrection it was completed.

All religions that have sprung up over the past Two Millennia have been trying to create their own sequel to God’s epic, but when the time comes, God’s version will be the only one that is on the screen.

The only thing left to do now is wait for the release, which will happen when God is ready to show it. It will be in every theater, on every TV, streaming live and showing on all smart phones at the same time, all across the world.

For those of us who have accepted Yeshua as our Messiah, we have been given the right to a special preview.  Through reading the bible and having the Ruach HaKodesh (Holy Spirit) show us things that are invisible to non-Believers, we know what will happen. We have been shown a “trailer” of the entire story, and we know (pretty much) who the bad guy is (although we don’t know who is playing that part), we know who the hero is, and we also are aware there will be many innocents that get in the way of their terrific, destructive battle. I think there will still be some surprises; for instance, no one really knows what the heck Revelations is about and what exactly will happen.  Still and all, even though we know all this, we will be memorized as we watch it unfold.

I have often heard people say that the Kingdom of God has arrived, it just isn’t here yet. Same, too, for salvation: it’s in the can, but hasn’t been released to the public.

As for me, I have already ordered my tickets and have a confirmed seat. I just need to make sure when the theater opens and the show starts that I have oil in my lamp and fruit to bring the theater owner.

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