How To Fix Our Society

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Have any of you noticed I haven’t been around for a while? Donna and I spent the beginning of February celebrating our 25th anniversary with friends who live outside of London, and when we came back, we had many things to do, so I haven’t been posting regularly most of this month. I hope to get back into my usual routine soon but have a back operation to undergo in a few weeks, which will probably put me out of commission for 6 months or more. I am sharing this with you because I get most of my inspiration when I am riding my bicycle, which I won’t be able to do for anywhere from 4-6 months. So, since I believe that many of the messages I receive are from God, I am sure that if he has something he wants me to write about, he will get that message to me, somehow.

I am still able to ride my bicycle, and today’s message came to me the other day during my ride.

So many socio-political problems today are based on race and religion. It seems that if anyone says anything about a person, it becomes a racial issue, especially if the people involved are of different races.

The world is racist because we have been conditioned to identify by race: for example, here in the USA people say they are a Russian-American (my grandparents came over from Russia), or a Chinese-American, or an African-American, or an Italian -American, or a whatever-American.

By identifying this way, they are (by definition) being a racist.

There is nothing wrong, at all, with being proud of one’s cultural background, but we need to stop identifying by where our ancestors lived. They lived there, we didn’t.

My grandparents, as I mentioned, were from Russia- both sides- but I am not really Russian. I was born in America, and so I am an American. If I want to be proud of my cultural ancestry, then I can say I am an American with Russian ancestry.

But I am, first and foremost, an American.

From a spiritual viewpoint, if someone asked me if I was saved or not, why would I tell them I am an unsaved person who is now saved? Doesn’t it make sense to ignore what I was and be concerned only with what I am? What does it matter that I was once unsaved- we all were! What is important is what I am, now.

As someone who speaks about God, I could be taken as a racist, since the Bible can be seen as a racist document. Really- we aren’t supposed to mix different cloths, to associate with certain people, to marry outside of our own religion: all of these are certainly identifiable as a bigoted (racist) attitude.

So, nu? What am I trying to say?

Simply this: we need to stop identifying by race or religion or political affiliation, and simply see each other as God sees us- not for what we are, but for who we are.

Race, ancestry, political idealisms, religion- these are things that identify what we are, and as such do not always define who we are.

If we can teach our children to identify with everyone else by their similarities instead of their differences, we will create a society that is closer to what God wants than what we have now.

Try to see people for who they are; ignore their skin color, their ancestry, even their religion, and make whatever judgement about them you need to based on their personality and the way they treat others.

I believe if we can do this, we will be living a lot closer to the way God wants us to live.

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That’s it for today, so l’hitraot and Baruch HaShem!

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