How God Sees Sin

This seems silly, doesn’t it? To ask how God views sin; I mean, isn’t it obvious that God sees sin as anything we do that he doesn’t approve of.

But what about the laws people make? Does God see doing 75 in a 45 mile per hour zone as a sin?

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When we read the Book of Leviticus, the first 7 chapters are all about the different offerings made to God, such as the sin, guilt, friendship, peace, and burnt offerings. But Chapter 4 has something in it that isn’t anywhere else and gives us the only really clear understanding of how God sees the sins we commit.

In Lev. 4:1 God identifies what offering is needed for a Cohen, for the community, or for an individual. But here is the important thing to note: he says, “If anyone sins inadvertently against any of the mitzvot of Adonai…”. He assumes that any sin we commit is by accident.

To me, this means that the way God sees our sins is that they are a mistake, done accidentally!

It is my belief (which you can agree with or not) that God is so holy, even though he knows and understands our nature, he still just can’t believe that someone would sin on purpose. If you were God, so holy, so powerful, so omniscient and so omnipotent, wouldn’t you find it impossible to think that any mere human would purposefully incur your anger?

I believe God sees sin as something that happens because we are weak and easily led astray by worldly influences, but not as a result of our purposefully ignoring him.

Sadly, I think he might have thought that back then, but today he knows there are so many who reject him, fully aware of what they are doing.

Even when we sin by mistake, even if we don’t know we did so, because God is holy and 1000% trustworthy, when he tells us that when we sin, we are guilty and will be punished, he means it! And if we fail to repent and ask forgiveness, as stipulated in the Book of Leviticus, we will not have a very happy eternity.

Of course, we can’t bring a sacrifice to the temple anymore (thanks to the Romans), but because Yeshua (Jesus) has our back, so to speak, it is through his sacrifice that we can find forgiveness. But we still have to confess, repent, and ask for God’s forgiveness. That part of the sacrificial system has never changed, which means for those who believe their sins are automatically forgiven, you’ve got a really nasty surprise coming to you.

So, there you have it. Sin is something we do, or don’t do, that goes against what God said we should, or should not, do, whether by mistake or on purpose.

Oh, wait a minute! What about my original question regarding how God sees a speeding violation. Hmmmm…. I would have to say that this is also a sin, not because it goes against anything God said, but because it goes against what our authorities have said- authorities which we are told are there because God put them there (Romans 13:1).

For myself, since I know the Torah tells us that as far as God is concerned, any sin we commit, whether we know about it or not, makes us guilty (Lev. 5:17), so every day in the morning, even before I have my first sip of coffee (that’s how important this is), I pray, and in that prayer I ask God for forgiveness of any sins I may have committed against him and also I ask for strength through the Ruach HaKodesh (Holy Spirit) to sin less each day.

We can never be sinless, but we can always sin less.

I will never tell anyone what to believe or what they must do, but if you don’t mind, I think what I do is a good idea, and I strongly recommend it.

That’s it for today. Remember I always welcome your comments, so l’hitraot and Baruch HaShem!

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