Get Thee Behind Me, Satan!

We all know this statement, the one Yeshua made to Kefa (Peter) when Kefa chided him for saying that he must die.

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Yet, I don’t think anyone really believes that Yeshua was accusing Kefa of being the Devil. What he meant, as he explained right after saying this to him, is that Kefa was thinking not on a spiritual plane, or in accordance with what God has decided should be done, but on a personal, selfish, and human level.

In other words, Kefa wanted things to go the way he wanted, not the way God wanted; the feeling of “Your will be done, not mine” was not in Kefa’s heart.

So, how many times have we been like Kefa?

For example, right now Israel has been under the worst attack it has been through for a while, and all I see are postings about praying for peace there. And, yes- we are told to pray for the peace of Jerusalem (Psalm 122:6), but if we pray for men to make peace, is that really God’s will? Are we “pulling a Kefa”, meaning are we asking for what we want even when we know that God has a different plan?

How do I know that God has a different plan for Israel? Well, he’s told us he does, and quite often! All the way back to even before the Israelites entered Cana’an, God showed Moses the apostasy that would take place in the future, the punishment they would have to endure, and the eventual regathering of the dispersed tribes to Israel.

Through the Prophets, God told us what the people living then should expect in their immediate future and at the Acharit HaYamim (End Days).

And if there is still doubt that God’s plan for this world is terrible, full of violence, injustice, anti-Semitism, hatred, and worldwide destruction, then you must not have ever read the vision given to John, who recorded it in Revelation.

I am not saying that we shouldn’t be concerned or feel pity for those being tortured and mistreated throughout the Middle East, and the rest of the world, for that matter: no, what I am saying is that we should pray for this tsouris to stop, but not by anything men do. On the contrary, history has proven that the best peace men can make is a temporary one, and since the Middle East conflict of brother verse brother has been going on since the time of Abraham, it doesn’t even make sense that it will stop until something more influential and powerful than mortals intervenes.

And we all know who that is- Yeshua!

So, when you see the rockets coming down on innocent Israelis, as well as the Arabs who are innocent but forced to live with Hamas and Jihad in their backyards (did you know that there were hundreds of Arab deaths caused by Hamas and Jihad rockets that misfired and landed in the Gaza Strip?), and you read of the torture and imprisonment of Christians throughout the world, and you see the United States of America, the symbol of freedom and independence, turn into a socialistic enabler giving housing, food and medical service to foreign invaders while ignoring their own people and the veterans who are sleeping on the streets, then you know that this is all coming about as part of God’s plan for the world.

So, yes- pray for peace, but not for the peace that men make- pray for the ultimate and eternal peace that will come ONLY when Yeshua returns. He told his disciples that if not for the short period of tribulation, no one would survive (Matthew 24:22), so pray that the tribulation comes quickly and is over quickly… and that you survive it.

Don’t pray for what goes against God’s plan; and, whether or not you like what God has planned, get with the program because IT WILL HAPPEN! What God has planned for humanity is going to come about, no matter how we feel or what we pray for, so pray for that which is keeping with God’s will.

I hate to see the suffering and the injustice being done to Israel by the media and the world, especially by the American public and government, but this all has to be!

You can pray for whatever you want to, but as for me, I pray that the Tribulation comes and goes and that those suffering will be able to find eternal rest in God’s presence because I never want to hear “Get thee behind me!”

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