from bad to worse

This blog is all about God; we see God in everything there is, when we take the time to look hard enough.

Lately, it seems God is missing because all we see is too much violence: Orlando shooting, cops shooting people and (now) people shooting cops.

Like it wasn’t bad enough with all the domestic violence, gang violence and wars throughout the world bordering on genocide. Now it is getting closer to home, in our own backyards.

And it’s going to get worse.

Read Revelations, read the signs, know what is coming so you can be prepared for it. Not just emotionally prepared, but spiritually prepared, as well. These acts of violence, human against human, are not the issue; it is a Red Herring, designed to throw us off the real problem.

What is the “real problem”? It’s not a physical battle- it is a spiritual battle.

The enemy is preparing the world for him (or maybe, her?) to walk in and take over. He is setting the stage, designing his battle plan and laying the landmines and barricades to freedom.

Look at our media services…what do they show us? Only bad things, only terrible events, and when something is horrible they report it until the horse is not just dead, but the bones are dust. Then they remind us of it, later. Ever notice when an important person is caught in a scandal or there is a horrific event how there is no news, anywhere else in the world, while that event is still “selling”?

Do you see the video games your children are playing? Indiscriminately killing zombies and vampires, stealing cars and murdering innocents along the way to gain points, battling in war where the more people they kill the more powerful they become. Did you ever consider that believing it is good and just to kill zombies is conditioning them to believe killing any ‘enemy’ without care or concern is good and just?

The only difference between zombies and God-fearing people who refuse to take the mark of the Antichrist is how they are perceived.

And what about the movies? Oh, we still have nice stuff like Finding Dory and love stories out there, but look closer. There is so much more Marvel in the movies than anything else, and (although I do like superheroes) they are now fighting themselves. “Captain America: Civil War” is about people wanting to help that are being criticized by the ones they save (sound like Moses and Korach?)  and fighting among each other. Today, even the good guys are at each other’s throats.

And the “church” is not doing enough. I know there are many Christian leaders who are teaching that Torah is only for Jews, and teaching that God has rejected them, and that Jesus is God, Himself, and that we should be “all about Jesus” and the church should worship Jesus.

Telling people Torah is not for them and the Jews are no longer God’s chosen people is called Replacement Theology, which is blasphemy because it is calling God a liar.

The name for worshiping Jesus alone because He is God is also called blasphemy because it is idolatry. Jesus is the son of God, as far as we mortals can understand it, and never, ever even once suggested or implied that He wanted us to worship Him. In fact, He told us this would happen when he said He would be raised up like the snake in the desert, which (in 2 Kings, 18:4) King Hezekiah destroyed because it had become an idol. Originally it represented God’s salvation from death when a snake bit the Israelites (Numbers 21:6) and later was turned into a god, in and of itself, that the people worshiped. This is what Jesus meant when He said He would be lifted up like the snake in the desert (John 3:14)- it wasn’t just an immediate prophecy about His death on a tree, but a future prophecy about His being made into an idol, to be worshiped in lieu of His Father in heaven.

The enemy will present himself as Jesus, as the world’s savior, and he will insist that he be worshiped instead of God. If there is anyone out there today saying that it is all about Jesus, that Jesus is God and should be worshiped as God, they are helping the enemy to take over.

We need to steel ourselves against the horrors that are coming, and to watch, carefully, for the hidden signs of the enemy’s approach. Satanic beings are not so bad, zombies will be everywhere and it is OK to kill them, war is fun when you have the right weapons, death is nothing, stealing is OK if everyone else is doing it…all of this is what our children are being taught to accept as normal activity.

“Repent: The End is Coming” has always been what we see when TV or movies want to show someone who has given up, and they are always portrayed as some nut-case. Well, the nut-case is the one who doesn’t listen. I am not saying to sit down in a corner and give up: just the opposite! I am saying to prepare to fight, prepare to be persecuted, and prepare (spiritually) to be at war. Not just with people, but with demons and demonic powers.

We have armor (Ephesians 6:10-18) and we who have accepted Yeshua as our Messiah are on the winning side, but that doesn’t mean we aren’t in for a really tough battle.

All I’m saying is get ready because the world is being set up for the enemy of God to take over, and God is allowing that to happen. Not forever, just for a while, and it is just around the corner; for those of us who will be here when it comes there will be such horror, strife and destruction, blasphemy and Godlessness that we will feel overwhelmed. And, for the most part, we will be overwhelmed. It is going to be through our continued faith and perseverance that we have any hope of surviving this Tsouris.

Our hope is not in mankind, but in God. Mankind will fail to win, the enemy will overcome it, but those who are faithful to God and stay the course will survive, eternally, and win the final battle.

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