Way back in September of 2020 I wrote a message about rehearsing our anger, and stated that it is something I continually do, but am working at stopping it (click here if you want to read that message). Guess who hasn’t made one inch of progress? If you prefer to
I would like to start by announcing that my website, which you may recall had been hacked to non-existence about a month ago, is now back up. Kudos to my Web Master, Travis, for having backups and knowing how to get things restored. If you prefer to watch a video,
We all know that the Bible tells us not to take vengeance, which is some form of retribution against someone who has harmed or wronged us in some way. Instead, we are told to wait upon the Lord, because he says that vengeance belongs to him (Deuteronomy 32:35). But… did
How many times have you heard that the best way to get to know someone is to walk a mile in their shoes? That’s an age-old adage that really makes sense, but with all of the hatred in the world, I gotta think that no one is wearing any shoes,
Yeshua told us that when we pray, we are to pray in his name- not to him, but in his name, meaning to use him as a sort of reference when praying (which is assumed to be directly to God) so that God knows we are one of Yeshua’s flock.
Recently a friend of mine, who is a long-time Believer, had a crime committed against him. He had something valuable stolen, something that the crook might resell or just keep for him/herself. When I asked if the crime was reported, my friend said that he didn’t report it, but has
This may sound redundant, but really- thank God for God! If not for him, what would we have to look forward to? If you prefer to watch a video, click on this link: Watch the video. There would be no afterlife, unless you were a believer in reincarnation, and the
I am writing my fifth book, which is a book about the Bible for people who want to know what the Bible says, but don’t want to have to read the whole thing. And in the introduction, I review how the Bible was put together. And when I did that,
I know, I know, Shaul tells us in 1 Thessalonians 5:16-20 that we are to pray unceasingly, but sometimes I feel so angry about something, or my heart isn’t really into it, that I believe it is more respectful to God not to pray than to act it out, without
This might be one of the shortest messages I have ever written. I know, yes- I say that, then it goes on forever, but this time it won’t be like that. If you prefer to watch a video, sorry- no video today. OK, so here it is: Shaul lost his