How can anyone lie and be sincere about it? After all, the definition of sincere is to be “honest, not deceitful” (Webster), and lying is, by definition, dishonest because you are hiding the truth. So you can’t be sincere if you are dishonestly trying to fool someone… can you? If
(No video today; sorry, but you’ll have to read this one) As I write this it is the beginning of the 14th day of Nisan 5782, which is the same as the evening of April 14, 2022. In the morning Jews all over the world will be engaged in preparing
The 10 Commandments were given by God to Moses on Mount Sinai, also called Mount Horeb. These commandments, which are often referred to as “The 10 Words” are the keystone for every religion that falls under the general title of Jewish or Christian. If you prefer to watch a video,
If someone was to ask me which New Covenant epistle talks about ignoring the Torah, I would have to say the letter to the Galatians. If you prefer to watch a video, click on this link: Watch the video. The reason I say this is because in that letter, more
How many Jewish mothers does it take to change a lightbulb? “That’s OK, you go and have fun, I’ll be fine sitting here in the dark, all alone with no one around to help me. I don’t mind, so long as you are happy.” Did you like that joke? It
Oy vey! What a terrible way to start a motivational and edifying message. How can I possibly say that all who call on the name of the Lord won’t be saved when the prophet Joel tells us we will be saved (Joel 2:32)? And if what Joel said isn’t enough,
We now begin to move from the laws of kashrut to the laws of cleanliness. These two chapters cover the topic of cleanliness for a woman after giving birth, and for tzara’at, or leprosy (actually, it could also mean some other form of skin disease or mold). If you prefer
Most of the time when I am talking about Yeshua or God or what is in the Bible, I always give you the reference so you can see, for yourself, that it really is in the Bible. I’m not gonna do that, today; if you don’t believe what I say,
For me, the most valuable asset I own is my guaranteed ticket to salvation. But, for most people, salvation is something they just can’t fathom or understand, and as such it has no real value to them. If you prefer to watch a video, click on this link: Watch the
In these chapters we read about how on the 8th day, Moses called Aaron and his sons to make sacrifice for themselves, then (having been cleansed by means of their sacrifice) to make sacrifice for the people. Moses explains that when doing things in this manner the Lord will then