Are Prayers Sometimes Unanswered or Really Just Unfulfilled?

I believe that God hears every, single prayer sent to him, and that he also has the final word about how he will act regarding that prayer.

God may act immediately, giving you what you ask for, or he may wait until there is a perfect time, and then answer you in a way you never expected.

Or he may just say “No”.

The difference between prayers unanswered and prayers unfulfilled is based on how God answers the prayer. If he does something, whether it is immediate or in the future, then that prayer is answered, but what you asked for may not be what you get; in that case, you might think it was unanswered or unfulfilled.

But all prayers are answered: even the ones you believe to be unfulfilled; they were answered, but not the way you wanted them to be.

You know, there are so many prayers that are just, plain wrong: to pray to God to win the lottery because you want to quit your job and travel, or to pray to God for a victory for your favorite team. Those are not righteous prayers, they are selfish prayers, and even though Yeshua said that when we pray in his name, we will receive what we ask, I don’t think he meant that anything and everything we pray for will be received.

I am pretty sure he was referring to righteous prayer, not selfish desires.

So, pray for what you need, and also for what you want (assuming it is not a selfish, ungodly thing), and God will hear and act. How he acts will be to either fulfill your prayer, in his time and the way he sees best, or he won’t do anything because his answer is “Nope, not this time.

What you may believe is a prayer unheard or unfulfilled may simply be an answer that you don’t want to accept, or refuse to see: when you pray, always look for an answer, and don’t just look for the one you asked for because you may get exactly what you need, but not what you asked for, or when you expected it.

But it will always be just right for you.

Thank you, as always, for being here. That’s it for today so l’hitraot, and Baruch HaShem!

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