An Uncomfortable Similarity

I read a little in my Bible every day. I start at Genesis and go through to Revelation, then I start all over again. Recently, going through the Book of Joshua, I have seen some very discomforting similarities between what happened in those days, and what is happening today.

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When I read about the way the Israelites destroyed the enemies of God when they entered Canaan, killing men, women, and children, as well as their animals, then totally destroying what was left, I can’t help but think that it isn’t any different than what Hamas has been doing in Israel, today; even the taking of hostages is the same as back in ancient days, except that the men were never taken hostage, only the women.

So why is it that these things were OK in the Bible, but when Hamas does them today, they are atrocities?

Don’t get me wrong! I hate Hamas, and all terrorists who are doing these terrible things. They aren’t doing anything out of a sense of justice or to regain property, all they want to do is murder Jews. They aren’t freedom fighters, they aren’t doing God’s work (they are working for the Enemy of God), and they are nothing more than cowards and murderers.

I believe that if the Jews never got back to Israel, that land today would be just as fallow and barren as it was when we first came back in the late 1940s.

The enemies of Israel do not want peace, they want genocide.

When God has the Israelites destroy the people in Canaan some 3500 years ago, it was to cleanse the land of paganism and allow them to reclaim the land that was theirs, by God’s promise. If Joshua had done as he was told to do, we wouldn’t have these problems, today. But what Hamas is doing is very different. They aren’t trying to reclaim land promised to them; instead, their only desire is the destruction of all Jews.

Yes, 3500 years ago, when the world was a different place and societies were ruled by different laws of ethics, the Israelites did things as terrible and horrible as what is being done today, but it was done to rid the land of pagans who worshipped gods that required human sacrifice, were sexually debased, and cruel.

The need for total destruction of the people, even the children, was to rid the land of an infection of evil. Even so, God restricted this destruction to only those who were living in the land God had promised to Abraham. The surrounding lands and people were just as bad, but they were not on God’s “Hit List” because they didn’t live on the promised property; as such, they were allowed to remain (unless they came out against God chosen; if they did, they were decimated).

So, thinking more about it, I realize there is a difference, and that difference is the Jews destroyed pagans who were polluting the land, and they did so not from hate or desire to kill them, but to recover the land that was promised to them by God, and cleanse it of sinfulness.

But Hamas is destroying homes, schools, hospitals, and killing innocent people of all ages, not for land or to cleanse it of sin: NO! They are performing these atrocities just for fun.

I have it from a source living in Israel that the atrocities they have performed while killing babies includes accosting the mothers who were forced to watch. That is way more horrible than anything ever done by the Israelites of old.

The only motivation behind what Hamas is doing is not for land, or money, or religious cleansing- it is genocide, pure and simple. They don’t want the land: how do I know? Because they had it for centuries and they did nothing with it!

So, as horrible as the destruction done to the people who were the enemies of God back in the days when Israel first entered and recaptured their land may have been similar to the types of atrocities being done by Hamas, today, there is a significant difference: back then, they did what they were told to do by God in order to reclaim the land that belonged to them and cleanse the land of sinfulness.

What Hamas is doing today, and what the surrounding peoples have been doing to Israel ever since we came back into our land, has no justifiable reason, religious or otherwise- it is, pure and simple, murder for the sake of murder.

Hamas does not want anything other than to see every Jew in the world, starting with Israel, dead. Why? Just because we are Jews.

And, sad to say, that isn’t any different than what we Jews have heard for millennia: from the Crusades to the Inquisition to Nazi Germany to the Middle East, today. Hatred of the Jews will never end as long as HaSatan (the Devil) exists.

There is one thing, though, that also will never end- the God of Israel will not allow his chosen people to be destroyed, and when God has had his fill of these atrocities, he will send the Messiah back to finish off his enemies, for all eternity.

That’s it for today. Remember that I always welcome your comments, so l’hitraot and Baruch HaShem!

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