Thank God for God

This may sound redundant, but really- thank God for God! If not for him, what would we have to look forward to?

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There would be no afterlife, unless you were a believer in reincarnation, and the way that works it takes many lifetimes until you get to be a Braham, and even once you make it to that level, which is one step below Nirvana, you can still screw it up and come back as a snake, or a cockroach, or something.

Then you have to start all over again.

At least with God, we have our entire lifetime to accept the truth that God is God, Yeshua (Jesus) is the Messiah he promised to send, and through faithful obedience to God’s commandments (not what some religion says you must or don’t have to do) we only have to wait until this life is over to be in a state of joy and peace for all eternity.

Besides the afterlife, we have this lifetime to enjoy, and when we do as God says, he promises to bless us (Deuteronomy 28), and he never runs out of blessings.

God also helps us get past the tough times, the times in our lives where tsouris (troubles) cannot be avoided, like the death of loved ones, social issues with co-workers or family, etc. By trusting in him we receive all good things (James 1:17) and we can always find peace, even in the worst of times.

When we are humble enough to realize that whatever good things we have, be it financial, physical, mental, or social all are because God has provided it for us, we can find peace and solace even in the worst of times because whatever God gave, he can take away, and whatever God takes away, he can renew.

That is another reason to thank God for God.

So, next time you think to yourself how happy or comfortable you are, take another moment to thank God that he exists and is so very, very willing to provide for you.

I feel sorry for the atheists and agnostics because what have they to look forward to, except the luck of the draw? No one can help them but themselves: it will always be them against the world because you can never trust a human being.

But I feel even worse for the “godly” people who are misled by their religion instead of being properly led by the Torah, which is the only place in the entire Bible where God tells us what he wants us to do.

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That’s it for this week, so l’hitraot and (an early) Shabbat Shalom!