Why am I Blogging?

Welcome to my Blog.

This blog is not just about Messianic Judaism, it is about God. The God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob and the only God that there is.

It is also about what He says. You see, God gave us rules, regulations and laws that we, those who say we believe in Him and follow Him, should obey.

There are not rules for Jews and rules for Gentiles, there are just rules. Rules for everyone.

That’s the point, you see: God has no religion.

I started this blog-Ministry (if you will allow me to call it that) as a means for getting the truth about God out there. When I was in Sales and people would meet me at their door saying, “It doesn’t matter what you say, I am not buying anything”, I would reply, “Fine- it’s your money, I won’t tell you what to do with it. However, let me ask you something- do you make important decisions without any knowledge of what you are buying?” When they would say of course not, then I would say, “That’s all I am here to do- give you the knowledge so that whenever you make a decision, it is based on good information.”

That is what this blog and what my book are all about- giving you the best information I can, led by the Holy Spirit, so that whatever decision you make about God and how to worship Him, is based on good information.

I hope you find these entries to be entertaining, informative and more than anything else, I pray these blogs make you wonder about what you may have been told about God, His Word and who it applies to.

Remember this: when Judgment Day comes, and we tell the Almighty that we were only doing what we were told He wanted, I think He may say something like, ”I understand, but what matters is what I say, not what they say, and that’s why I had Moshe (Moses) write it down for you. So, moving on…. Here’s your SPF10000, have a lousy Eternity. Next?”

That’s why I read His word every day and let His Rauch HaKodesh (Holy Spirit) lead me.

Make your own decisions because whatever you do, it’s accredited to you as your decision.


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