Sometimes There’s Nothing

Most of the times I get some inspiration from the Ruach. I know that I am inspired when I get positive feedback from you all out there in cyberspace.

Then, other times, I got nothin’! Today, for example- no ideas; no inspiration; Nut-N-Honey!

And yet, as I am writing this, I am coming to a realization that sometimes, nothing is something. Nothing may be the presence of something we don’t recognize. How many times have you thought nothing was there, but there was something?  Looking at a nicely mown lawn but not seeing the roots of the weeds strewn throughout the property, or there is a bird in a tree but it’s hidden behind a branch so you don’t see it. It’s still there, isn’t it? Infrared light is not visible, we see nothing, but it’s there. Blow a dog whistle- you hear nothing, but the sound is very present to a dog. There’s also that tree falling in the forest we don’t hear.

When we see or hear “nothing” it may be that there is something there, we just don’t recognize it being there.

It’s like that when we think God is absent from our lives: He is there, always, but sometimes we don’t hear Him.

That doesn’t mean we are wrong or He has given up on us (“I shall never forget nor forsake you”); it just means we aren’t hearing Him, just now.

I didn’t hear Him when I started writing this, but I think I am on to something. I didn’t hear a message, or read something in the paper that inspired me, I just came, empty-headed (normal for me) to say I have nothing to write about. But it seems I do.

Maybe that’s what God wants us to learn today- to come before Him without plans, without pre-ordained goals, but just come before Him empty and ready for Him to fill us with what He wants us to have?

Wow- I think that’s a good lesson so I am going to cut it short because I can’t add anything more to this:

Come before the Lord empty of desire for anything but to be filled by His Ruach, and you shall receive what He has for you.

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