lawlessness to anarchy to despotism: the stage is being set

I have said often that the only thing I do with newspapers is read the comics and work the Word puzzles. Yet, even though I know the news is always the same- bad- I can’t help but see the headlines.

Recently there have been random murders, from some nut-case opening up on gay club patrons to another kook walking into a hospital to shoot two people that just happened to be there. Cops shooting people without just cause (allegedly) and people executing cops randomly as revenge. And the cops that were killed had nothing at all to do with the shooting that (apparently) motivated it.

The bible tells us that lawlessness is sin, and that in the Acharit HaYamim (End Days) there will be lawlessness, godlessness and other atrocities. If we read the papers, listen to the news, or just talk to people, it seems to be getting worse.

The End Days are not coming- they have begun.

I see a pattern forming; I have talked about it in this blog before. I have warned about the video games that teach murder, stealing and other godless activities are how you gain points; I have talked about the way TV and movies make satanic beings more acceptable, even desirable (because of their power); I now add that these random acts of violence are also a part, the next step (so to speak), in the enemy’s plan to prepare his way to overthrow the world.

Here’s how it works: when people are taught that shooting, stabbing and other forms of hurting people are how you gain power and importance, the next thing that happens is that this form of lawlessness leads to anarchy. Anarchy comes about when people refuse to accept or abide by the basic rules of society. Anarchy creates an environment of distrust and unrest, which cries out for leadership. Not just leadership, but strong leadership, as during the days after World War I in Germany (we all know what that led to.)

A nation in turmoil, with murders, crime, economic woes and other societal ills, needs a strong, passionate and powerful leader to put an end to the suffering of the people. That environment is rolling out the Red Carpet for the Antichrist.

The lawlessness described above will have to result in despotism; the establishment of strong leadership that will resort to using martial law to combat the rampant lawlessness.  To make the lawlessness come under control the people will be more than willing to put up with the restrictions on their freedom. And what’s worse is that once people feel safe again, even though they are under the despotic rule of the Antichrist, they will not only accept it, they will be grateful for it.

During the Tribulation there will be a single world government (United Nations), a single world economy (European Common Market) and a single world religion (which religion currently is growing larger than all others?) And there will be only one man (or woman, who knows?) at the top. We all know who I mean. At the start there will be legal justification for the rise to power because of the rampant lawlessness, and because of the needs of the people for a leader that is all-powerful and (seemingly) compassionate as well, the Antichrist will slowly take over the world.

When you study Eschatology, you learn that the Son of Perdition will have great power, do miracles, and have minions that perform wonders in his name. There will be those who stand against him, but they will have limited success and, eventually, be overcome and killed by the Antichrist and his legions. It will seem that Satan wins, until Yeshua will be told by God to handle it.

That won’t happen until nearly 2/3 of the earth is destroyed and all the people who can choose between accepting the mark of the beast or remaining faithful to God have made their choice.

I don’t want to sound like the unshaven, hair-in-a-mess, bedraggled man waving the bible and shouting at the top of his lungs, “THE END IS HERE! THE END IS HERE!”

But that is, pretty much, what I am doing (although I am better dressed.)

We need to keep our eyes open to trickery, to false Messiahs and (especially) to family and friends who are being seduced by the Dark Side, right in front of our eyes. We need to keep attuned to that little voice in our head we call the Ruach HaKodesh (Holy Spirit) telling us that something is a little meshugah here. We need to be as gentle as doves but as wise as serpents.

We need to accept that it is really happening! The way evil survives, and thrives, is when righteous people stand by and do nothing.

Do you know what happens when you throw a frog in boiling water? He jumps right out. But put him in cool water, then raise the heat slowly, bit by bit, and he will stay in there until he is cooked.

Brothers and Sisters- it’s getting awfully hot out here.

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