Can’t let This One Go (Amended)

The original post had a mistake- I did not mention that Cruz had already been expelled before he went on his shooting spree. I have corrected the parts of this blog that were incorrect.

I don’t want to be political on this blog but I can’t let this one go.

The Florida Today paper has an article about the man (he is over 18) who killed the 17 people at the high school earlier this month (Feb/18) which says the school he attended wanted to have him transferred to another school that specializes in mental health issues since 2017.

Ever since 2013 Cruz (the confessed killer) had been a problem and well-known in his school for having severe mental health issues, such as swallowing gasoline and cutting himself. A mobile crisis team from a state funded organization, called Henderson Behavioral Services, in 2016 advised that Cruz was not a danger to himself or others because he was on a treatment plan for ADHD, depression, OCD and autism.

Not a danger? This kid was a walking parade of paranoia!! How could they say he wasn’t a danger to anyone simply because he was on a treatment plan? How many patients don’t follow their plan? What if someone had TB, a highly contagious disease and was taking medication: wouldn’t they still be dangerous to others? Until the TB was totally cured, they would still be contagious, right? But with mental illness, which isn’t contagious but still is dangerous, if you’re on a treatment plan then what? You’re suddenly OK? If he hadn’t been on a plan, would they have then restrained him for his own and other’s safety, or would they put him on a plan?

Either way it sounds like sweeping something under the rug.

But wait! It get’s worse…from 2014 through 2015 Cruz attended the other school and had no recorded incidents, but in 2013 at another school he had some 29 incidents, from unruly behavior to fighting.

In 2016 Henderson Behavioral received some $22 Million dollars on grants from the state to prevent people from being incorrectly hospitalized. To me that says that if they want to keep getting money, they need to keep recommending people do NOT  get hospitalized. 

They did that in Cruz’s case, and 17 people are now dead.

The defense wants to state that because Cruz wasn’t given the proper treatment by social workers and school counselors he should be spared the death sentence. In other words, they are saying that the “system” (my quotes) failed to help this boy (who committed the crimes when he was a man, legally) so the courts should take pity on him.

I say that if we hold the system responsible, in any way, then the system should also be held accountable in the same way.

Those people at Henderson who said Cruz wasn’t a danger to anyone should be charged with malpractice, and maybe even accomplice to murder, after the fact. If a medical doctor performs surgery or gives a misdiagnosis to someone, they are held accountable, legally, so why not the people at Henderson? Psychiatry is a science, is it not? As such, just like with the medical sciences, those that practice this science should be a held accountable when they make significant mistakes that result in harm or death.

Everyone is screaming about gun control, but the real cause of this heinous crime has nothing to do at all with guns- it is a combination of the lack of accountability for certain professional services and (I am sure somewhere in this debacle) it is also about money.

What if Henderson was given $22 Million dollars to properly treat mental illness instead of keeping the mentally ill “on the streets?”  Would there be 17 less graves in Florida today?

I say bring the people who misdiagnosed Cruz to justice, too. If people are not held accountable for what they do and say, then society will always be the victim of that irresponsible attitude.

Let’s bring God into this picture. The bible is clear that we ARE responsible for what we do and say: the watchmen in the the towers were held responsible for failing to warn the people of impending attack; the Prophets were held accountable if they didn’t warn the people what would happen if they fail to turn back to God; the Cohanim (Priests) were held accountable for failing to teach the people proper worship; and the King, himself, was held accountable for leading the people into sin. When the king, cohanim, prophets and watchmen (as in Shomron, the Northern Kingdom of Israel) all worked together to protect themselves and take advantage of their position (money, again) the innocent people of that society were the ultimate victims.

I am not saying Cruz is a victim of society’s failure, I am saying that the professionals who are paid to protect society from people like Cruz failed society- this isn’t society failing Cruz, it is society failing itself because we are more concerned with the rights of those that are anti-social then the rights of those that are law-abiding.

And that is totally against the bible, which is very, VERY clear we are to serve righteousness and remove sin from our presence. Cruz needed to be removed from the mainstream: that should have been (and I personally believe WAS) evident to everyone involved in this miscarriage of justice since 2013. But nobody did the right thing, and now 17 lives are lost and others traumatized because of the failure to act justly – not justly to one, but justly to everyone!

Here’s the last thing I want to point out: the paper reports that the county superintendent stated Cruz couldn’t be transferred to a school he didn’t want to go to because once he had turned 18 they are not legally able to force an adult to receive services. His history proved that he was not just a threat to himself and to others, but represented an escalating threat, yet no one made sure he was where he really needed to be- under the care of a professional mental health organization and safely away from society.  Yes, they kicked him out of school but that didn’t prevent him from shooting people. If the proper people had properly attended to him before he reached majority and made sure he was placed in a secured location receiving the help he needed, there would be 17 more students at the school today.

We have become a nation of people who see everyone as a victim and as such we feel they aren’t responsible, or at least should be given some level of mercy for society’s lack of help. HORSE APPLES!  I am sure that once we start to hold people legally accountable for their words and actions we will see fewer problems occurring. The bible teaches us to watch what we say and what we do, and that those who are a danger to society should be kept “outside of the camp.” In modern terms, that would mean some place where their mental issues could be properly treated. The ACLU will fight against that one, I am sure, and that is OK because that’s their claim to fame.

My position is that gun control is not an issue here- what really is the issue is that we need to get our society to concern itself with protecting the general populace and not to protect the individuals who have shown themselves to be a threat to society.

And I admit I don’t have the answer to this next question: how do we properly and fairly identifying the problem? That is going to be a problem.

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