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A wonderful movement in Christianity that is gaining momentum is the Hebrew Roots movement. Basically, this is made up of Christians (mostly Gentiles) who are discovering the roots of their faith, the “real” Jesus (Yeshua) and the truth that the Torah has not been done away with, but is still
In the Parashah Toldot, Jacob offers to buy Esau’s birthright for a bowl of lentil stew, and Esau agrees. So, nu? Who did wrong? Was it Jacob for trying to buy his brother’s birthright, or was it Esau for selling it? And what could this mean to us regarding our
We all know the story of Jacob stealing the blessing from his brother, Esau. But…did he really steal it?
This time of the year people are all focused on the birth of Messiah, but His birth is not the thing we should really care about. We aren’t saved by His birth, and we aren’t saved by His death, either. What we are saved by is the resurrection, which proves
How can we be resurrected before we die? Maybe what is being resurrected isn’t our body, but something else within us.  
In this parashah both Sarah and Abraham come to their deaths, and Isaac gets a wife. Abraham has told his servant to make sure that his son never goes back to the place where they came from, and this theme is repeated throughout the bible. What’s so bad about going
Abraham tells God He shouldn’t treat the wicked and the righteous the same way, but in Matthew we are told that God does treat them the same way, so which is it? God tells us the answer.    
Many people over the centuries have been taught that salvation came to the Gentiles through Messiah, and that Peter was the first Apostle to the Gentiles bringing them that salvation. But was this really the first time a Gentile was able to gain salvation with the God of Abraham, Isaac
Abraham is visited by God and the angels that save Lot when Sodom is destroyed. Sarah gives birth to Isaac, Hagar and Ishmael get the boot, and later Abraham takes Isaac to Mt. Moriah to sacrifice him SPOILER ALERT– he doesn’t. But what we are going to talk about are
The search for knowledge can sometimes become an obsession that takes us away from trusting the Holy Spirit to give us wisdom. We want to know God better, and that’s fine, but what does God want us to know about Him?