It’s Been 8 Years Already!

Eight years ago, on July 14, 2014 (to be precise) I posted my first message on this website, and began my on-line ministry.

It occurred to me the other day that I should share with you how this ministry has been doing over these 8 years.

Before I created this on-line ministry (with help, of course from a website provider), I had already written my first book, “Back to Basics: God’s Word vs. Religion” and was living in Melbourne, Florida working as a Systems Support person (i.e., Help Desk) for an IT services provider.

Back then, I would post a couple of times a month. After I retired and had more time, I began posting my messages every Tuesday and Thursday, and on Friday I posted a message for that Shabbat’s Torah reading.

As for my books, well…it’s a niche market, for sure. They have been available on Amazon Books and through my website for years, and yet I have barely sold more than 20 or so in all these years, and that is combining sales for all 4 books.

And that is a shame, because they are really quite good, which isn’t just my opinion but the feedback I have gotten from everyone who has read them.

Everyone, that is, but one Messianic Rabbi, whose sole comment after I gave him a copy of “Back to Basics” was “You’re no James Mitchener.”

So, here are the stats for this Messianic Ministry, as of this morning:

  • My website ( has a total of 78 subscribers.
  • My YouTube channel has an audience of 174 Subscribers (and there are 608 videos I have available for viewing)
  • My Facebook discussion group, “Just God’s Word“, has 87 members and my Facebook page for Messianic Moment has 160 “Likes”.

Overall, when you consider that these sites and videos are available throughout the world, the numbers seem small.

I should mention that I have subscribers all over the world, from Japan to India to Africa, as well as the UK and (of course) America.

On the other hand, the Messianic synagogue I attended in Northeast Philadelphia never had more than 100 or so people show up for services, and the Hebraic Roots Church I attended here in Melbourne, Florida never had much more than 45 or so people at services, so when you consider those numbers, I am not doing too badly.

But it isn’t really the numbers that matter as much as what is being produced, and that can’t be measured with statistics.

I do not know, and probably never will know, what effect I have had on anyone’s life, especially their eternal life. And that’s OK with me, so long as I always put out the truth, according to God and not what some religion says.

I am not a missionary, and this ministry will never be a “mega-church”. It is simply a learning ministry. As such, I will never tell anyone what they have to believe, only what I believe and why.

God gave us all Free Will to decide how we will live our lives. He certainly desires that we live it according to the way he told us to live it, which is not in the Gospels, or any of the Epistles, but exclusively in the Torah.

That is the ONLY place in the entire Bible where God dictates his rules for worshiping him, and his rules for how we are to treat each other.

The O-N-L-Y place!

So, I continue to do what I hope and pray to be a godly work, honoring both God and Yeshua, designed to free people from the constricting blinders that religion places on them, and to see clearly what God says he wants from us.

And that is why this ministry will never be very large- people don’t want to know what God wants from them, only what God will give to them. That is why large churches and synagogues always preach how wonderful God’s love is, how Jesus saves them from sin, and everything else that makes salvation seem like a “come as you are” party.

But as the song goes…”It ain’t necessarily so!”

Thank you for being here and, if you aren’t a subscriber, please do so. There is a SUBSCRIBE button in the right-hand margin on this website, and also go to my YouTube channel and subscribe there, as well.

On Facebook, “Like” my Messianic Moment page and join the group “Just God’s Word” (please read and agree to the rules).

Finally, buy my books and share them with everyone you care about.

Please help this ministry continue to grow and share the truth about who God is, who Yeshua is, and what God wants from each of us.

God promised that when we do as HE says, we will be blessed, so let’s receive and spread God’s blessings to everyone.

That’s it for today, so l’hitraot and Baruch HaShem!