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A new year, a new beginning for most everyone in the world. But how do we start it? Many make resolutions to do something that they know they need to: a diet, give up smoking, be more helpful to the needy….whatever. As for me, I think the best way to
This week we come to the end of the book of Genesis. Jacob blesses Joseph’s children, and adopts them. He later blesses each of the 12 Tribes, then acob dies. The book ends with Joseph’s death and his request to make sure his bones are brought back to the Land when
My cat was next to me in bed last night, and as I was stroking his head he rolled over and exposed his belly to me, obviously wanting a belly-rub. When I complied to his request, his purring got so much louder that I knew he was happy, and his
Part of the definition of a Demagogue, according to Wikipedia, is: Demagogues overturn established customs of political conduct, or promise or threaten to do so. Although the term is usually applied to a political system, can it be found within spiritual circles? And if so, how do we recognize it?
My friend Travis introduced me to Garrett, who runs this program on You Tube. They talk to artists, authors and the such about their work to help give them exposure. Please enjoy it.  
As this parashah starts, the brothers have been accused of stealing a cup from Joseph’s house, and Benjamin is found to be the one holding the cup. They are brought before Joseph, and Judah pleads for Benjamin’s life. His plea is so heartfelt that Joseph can no longer hide his
A bridge gives us passage from one place to another over a terrain or obstacle that cannot be crossed by walking or driving. In the Marines Corps, one of the things I was responsible to do was to be able to blow up bridges that gave the enemy a tactical
Many people believe that to be humble means to be weak and ineffective. Some are humble from self-doubt or a low self-esteem, but those who are humble in the way God wants us to be humble find that humility comes from inner strength, and as a result strengthens oneself to
Yeshua tells a parable about tares planted in a field along with the wheat, and that the owner of the field directs his workers to wait until the entire field is harvested before separating the tares from the wheat. What can that mean to us, today, when we are trying
Before I was saved, one of the things that always turned me off, right away, to those “Born-Again” people was that they talked so “spiritually” about everything. When you don’t have the Holy Spirit, you can’t relate to it, or to people who talk using spiritual terminology. We need to