God-Fearing Haters

How can a God-fearing person be a hater? It’s an oxymoron, right?

Unfortunately, it is far from unusual, and in truth, God-fearing people have been teaching their children to hate for hundreds of generations.

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Here’s a question: is hating always bad? I don’t think so. After all, we are to hate the sin (but love the sinner), and we should hate evil, hate wrongdoing, and other things that are against the way God wants us to live, shouldn’t we?

So long as we recall what Shaul said in Ephesians 4:26, about not sinning in your anger.

When I say there are God-fearing people who hate and teach others to do so, I am talking about Jews and Christians.

Growing up Jewish (and, for the record, I never converted when I accepted Yeshua as my messiah- I am still Jewish) I can tell you, absolutely, that Jews hate Jesus. We grow up being taught not to even listen to anything having to do with Jesus because he was a traitor to Judaism. He created Christianity, which has for millennia hated, persecuted, tortured, and killed Jews in his name. Just ask any Jew and they will tell you that none of their Jewish friends or family want to hear anything about Jesus.

If you ask a Jew about another Jew who “believes in Jesus”, they will tell you that person isn’t Jewish anymore because anyone who believes in Jesus is a Christian. Period.

Well, what about God-fearing Christians? Being taught that Jesus is all about love and to be a good person and love others is how they get to go to heaven, certainly a Christian will accept a Jew for who they are, right?

Ever hear of the Crusades? Howzabout the Spanish Inquisition? Did you know the Nazi’s had “Gott mit uns” (God is with us) on the belt buckles of their uniforms?

Do you know about Replacement Theology? That teaches because the Jews rejected Jesus, God has rejected the Jews as his chosen people, and the Born-Again Christians are now God’s true Chosen people.

If you ask me, that theology is nothing but an insult to God because it is calling him a liar! Throughout the Tanakh God constantly states the Jews will never be destroyed or rejected by him.

They also seem to forget that the thousands fed by Yeshua, and the thousands that were “converted” at Pentecost were all Jews! Truth is, there were probably tens of thousands of Jews who accepted that Yeshua is the messiah God promised to send, long before any Gentiles even got the chance to convert to Judaism.

That’s right! The first Gentiles who accepted Yeshua were really converting to Judaism.

When Kefa and Shaul (Peter and Paul) went around trying to save the souls of pagan Gentles, if the pagans accepted Yeshua as their messiah and began to worship God, they were becoming Jews. Christianity, as a separate religion from Judaism, didn’t even get its start until the end of the First Century.

Ask a Christian Missionary what they will do when talking to a Jewish person, and they will say they are trying to get the Jewish person to convert to Christianity. I can’t tell you how many Christians I have talked to who have never even heard of Messianic Judaism or the Hebraic Roots movement- all they have even been taught is to convert people to worshipping Jesus.

And I mean exactly that- to worship Jesus: not to worship God and accept Yeshua as his messiah, but to worship Jesus Christ, and more often than not, to also recognize that Jesus is God

The greatest insult to Judaism and Jewish thought is the idea of a trinity- God being three beings instead of the one, and only one, true God who we have always worshipped. To a Jew, God is the only savior and his messiah is God’s representative to serve as our King and Cohen HaGadol (High Priest) who will reestablish the temple and bring us all back into communion with God.

When you tell a Jew that Jesus is God and the only savior well, to us, that is blasphemy.

If you ask me, I believe this whole Trinity thing was started in order to further separate Christians from Jews, making Christianity an anathema to Judaism.

I hate to say it, but Christians are taught to hate everything Jewish, which includes the Torah, and that what they are supposed to do- a divine calling- is to make everyone a Christian by ignoring anything about Jesus that was Jewish.

When I was in college, just a little after the earth cooled, I was dating an Italian girl whose family was fresh from Italy. One night while having dinner there, I saw their silkscreen picture of the Last Supper hanging on their wall (I was not a Believer then) and mentioned that it was a Jewish celebration called the Passover Seder, and that Jesus and all his disciples were Jews. Their response was “No! No, Tu batso!” (you’re crazy) I asked the youngest daughter, who was attending school at the local Catholic school to ask the nuns about it. The next time I was there, I asked her what the nuns said, and she replied “They said that Jesus was born Jewish, but it isn’t important”.

So, can you now see what I mean about God-fearing people being haters?

“Okay, Steve, I see your point. What can I do about it?”

The answer is stop the hatred, beginning with yourself.

Correct people about God and Yeshua; talk to Jews using the name Yeshua (never use Jesus) and let them know that accepting Yeshua to be the messiah God promised to send does NOT make one a Christian because Jews can believe Yeshua is the messiah and still be Jewish.

In fact, I am more “Jewish” now than I ever was as a Reformed Jew not knowing about Yeshua.

Teach Jews that Yeshua never changed or rejected the Torah, and teach Christians the same darn thing!

I am going to plug my latest book, “The Good News About the Messiah For Jews: Debunking the Traditional Lies About the Jewish Messiah” as a basic primer for approaching both Jews and Christians with the truth about who Yeshua is, what he taught, and the hateful lies that both Jews and Christians have, throughout the centuries, passed down to their children regarding who he is and what he taught.

The only way to overcome hatred is with understanding that comes from knowledge, especially when hatred is based in ignorance. When Jews and Christians know the truth about Yeshua, then we will be reunited as God-fearing lovers of God, and not God-fearing haters of each other.

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