Ezekiel 36 Today

Ezekiel was a prophet who certainly had a rough time of it. He was tied with ropes and forced to lie on his side, being fed just bread and water for years, some years on his left side and some on his right side. He was made mute, God had Ezekiel’s wife die suddenly, and Ezekiel was made to do other things that were uncomfortable and even torturous, all to be a demonstration to the people of Israel what would happen to them if they continued disobeying the Lord.

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God also told him to prophecy to the Israeli people, and to their mountains, animals, and also to the foreign nations surrounding Israel. In Chapter 36, God tells Ezekiel to prophesy that the land which has been taken over by the nations surrounding Israel, naming Edom as one, will be returned to them. He tells how after God dispersed his people, the surrounding nations all came in and took possession of the land, angering God because they bragged about their ownership.

Isn’t this what has happened in modern times? During the 18th and 19th Centuries, Israel was barren land, untilled, unformed, and essentially uninhabited except for nomadic peoples, mostly Jordanians and Syrians, using the land for grazing their herds. They would come in, graze the land until it was denuded, and then move back to their own country.

That is how it was until Israel was declared a state and the Jewish people were being regathered, as God promised, back into their land. Now, all of a sudden, these nomads who were never interested in true ownership, are crying that they have been ejected from their land!

Yasser Arafat was a very influential and wise leader, creating one of the most enduring propaganda lies ever formed, which he called the Palestinian People. The only real Palestinian people were the Jews living there when Israel was renamed Palestina by the Romans, after their defeat of the Bar Kokhba rebellion in 132-135 AD. This was not just to eradicate any relation of the land to the Jews, since the Romans now wanted to make it a Roman city, but it was also an insult to the Jewish people because Palestina was the Roman form of the name of their ancient enemies, the Philistines.

Just look at any pictures of the land of Israel, or to be historically accurate, Palestine during the 19th and early 20th Centuries; all you will see is desert. No olive trees (millions have been planted on the West Bank by the so-called Palestinian people as a way to lay claim to the land), no buildings, no cities, no development, no agriculture…nothing!

But look at the pictures of Israel in the 21st Century and you will see a garden where there was a desert; you will see cities, communities with homes, houses of worship, and recreational buildings. Israel developed a strong economy, science and agricultural advancements, and a growing population composed of both Jews and Arabs, who (for the most part) get along fine in Israel.

The truth of the matter is not that Israel is apartheid (as the United Nations accuses them of being) or that they are evicting people and destroying their homes (as the Media would make you think), but they are developing the land and sharing it with whoever wishes to live there in peace. Arabs have the same rights as Israelis, and the fact remains that the Palestinian people are nothing more than terrorists who want the destruction of Israel, while the peace-loving Arabs living in Syria and Jordan wish they could live in Israel because it is better than where they live.

The ones that are the real threat to the lives and families of the surrounding Arab peoples are not the Israelis, but the Arabs! Syria, Jordan, Iraq, Iran, and Egypt are all economically devastated by their own poor leadership. Their people are tortured, taken prisoner, and their homes destroyed more by Jihad, ISIS, and the other terrorist groups than the Israelis have ever done. Israel has given land rightfully belonging to them to the Palestinians in order to make peace, but that has never worked out: not because of anything Israel did, but because the Palestinians aren’t really interested in peace.

God said that the surrounding nations who took over the land after he dispersed the Israelis would be shamed, and we see that happening in our times. Despite the overwhelming odds against Israel, being surrounded by nations that outnumber them and only want their total destruction, Israel has kicked their butts every time they tried to attack. That’s because what the Arabs don’t understand is that God is still protecting his people, as he has done for millennia, and he will keep his word that once he has regathered his people, which is still being done, he will never again allow them to be dispersed.

Assyria destroyed the Northern Kingdom and dispersed them; Babylon destroyed the Southern Kingdom and dispersed them; Alexander, through his program of Hellenism, almost totally obliterated the Jewish religion; Rome destroyed the temple in Jerusalem, killed tens of thousands of Jews and routed almost all the rest from their homeland; England killed thousands of Jews during the Crusades; Spain killed thousands upon thousands of Jews during the Inquisition; Nazi Germany killed millions of Jews… but we’re still here and stronger than ever!

No other civilization has been so decimated, so often, and not just survived but is flourishing. Today, Israel is a world leader in science, technology, and agriculture. How is this possible? It’s possible because as Yeshua said in Matthew 19:26:

“Humanly, this is impossible; but with God everything is possible.”

We are living in prophetic times, my friends, and we are seeing prophesy come to fruition. It is at once wonderful and terrible because as Israel grows stronger and more Jews return to their homeland (this is called “making Aliya”), we come closer to the Acharit HaYamim, the End Days when all the nations of the world will turn against Jerusalem.

We are seeing this already: the United Nations has taken a position against Israel, the Arab nations are (as always) attacking innocent Israeli civilians while accusing Israel of attacking them, and now even the one most trustworthy friend of Israel, the United States, is turning against them with the Democratic Party accusing Israel of human-rights infractions, sending billions of dollars to the enemies of Israel (this happened under Obama), and recently leaving billions of dollars of American top-secret arms and weapons to Afghanistan terrorists while simultaneously cutting billions of dollars of funding for the Iron Dome program.

As bad as things are, they will get worse, but what we know- and history has proven- is that God will no longer abandon his people. We may be in for rough times ahead, but in the end, Israel will emerge triumphantly with Messiah Yeshua ruling the world and God’s promises of eternal peace and joy finally being fulfilled.

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