Nuttin, Honey!

That’s right- I got nuttin’ today.

However, as a man of the cloth, so to speak, if I just start jabbering away, something will come to me.

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So should we talk about the current condition of the world?

The moral compass of our government seems to be pointing in the wrong direction, society is in such a severe case of division that we are almost in a de facto Civil War, and we are all being led down the path of fear.

I am not in any way reducing the impact of COVID or the importance of being careful, but for the love of Pete! Enough already, right?

As far as I am concerned, we should get back to normal, and let this thing run its course. I mean, are we even still in a “pandemic” situation? There are percentages that identify a pandemic, and with almost half the population inoculated, is it still a pandemic? Or has it been downgraded to an epidemic?

Maybe it’s now just a contagious disease that is hanging around? Like the “regular” flu or when we say there is a “bad bug” going around?

In any case, Donna and I have finally been able to get passage on a cruise ship and we leave from Miami this Sunday for a week. We are on the Norwegian Cruise Line ship, the Gem. It is a 7 day Caribbean cruise; that is where we normally go every February to celebrate our anniversary. Of course, we haven’t been able to cruise anywhere since February 2019!

NCL requires vaccination proof (which I got ONLY so I could take the cruise) but now, with this sudden revamping of the fear, they changed their policy to have to wear masks (which they didn’t require a week ago!) in some enclosed places.

We are living in an environment of fear.

Anyway, this is a ministry and not a forum for political debate or comment, so let’s bring this down a bit, and get God back in here.

Fear is what the Enemy uses to control us and to lure us away from God. When we trust in God, we know that tsouris will happen and we will be in a bad place regularly- that is how it is when you live in the world. But that doesn’t mean we have to be afraid- we can be cautious, we can be careful, and we certainly should watch our steps all the time, but being afraid is wrong.

Being afraid is showing a lack of trust in God. Look at it this way: even if something happens that is terrible- even if you are killed- if you know the Lord then what is so bad? You will no longer be suffering the idiots in the world, the stupid TV commercials, the weather, the political situation, or even a headache. You will be resting until the final judgment, and then you will be experiencing the total joy and peace of being in the presence of the Lord, forever.

In Philippians 1:21, Shaul said that to live is for Messiah and to die is gain. Living in this fallen and cursed world is not really a lot of fun, but it is necessary. However, no matter what happens, so long as we continue to trust in God, it will turn out for the good. C’mon, remember this…the worst thing anyone on this planet can do to you is to kill you, and that means being in the presence of the Lord, so what’s the problem, right?

I really wish I could go to some island, somewhere, and be away from all the mishigas, but I can’t. So what is left? Dealing with it by remaining faithful to God, doing what I know to be right, putting up with all the stupidity and waiting, (again) faithfully until we are past it all.

My friends, nothing mortal lasts forever, and even if this current state of affairs goes on for years, it will be over and done with, eventually. Trust in God, be patient, stick to what you know to be right, and still respect the right of others to do what they think is right for them, and it will all turn out OK.

And if you don’t believe me, believe history- nothing of this world, good or bad, has ever lasted very long. But God has always been there, is there now, and always will be there for you and me.

Thank you for being here and thank everyone who has subscribed to my YouTube channel recently. Please continue to share these messages (or ramblings, as I’ve done today) to help this ministry grow. Comments are welcomed, but please, even though I did open the topic, don’t make this a political forum.

That’s it for now, so l’hitraot and Baruch HaShem!